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Fashion Flashback…Lizzie McGuire

If you were a tween in the early 2000s — and if you had cable TV — you probably spent a sizable amount of time watching The Disney Channel for shows like Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire.

Photo: JaggedLittleLife

The great thing about reviewing Lizzie McGuire isn’t just paying young Hilary Duff a visit. It’s paying tribute to a hazy and disastrous era of fashion we often try to forget: The Limited Too Era. So hold on to your cargo pants kiddo! We’re taking a trip down Lizzie McGuire lane and there’s enough feathers, sparkles, bedazzling and funky hats to turn you into a preteen! Continue reading



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WTH Are They Wearing?! (Jenna’s BDay Edition)

This week’s Pretty Little Liars gave us less information about “A” than those creepy POV shots of someone wearing black gloves! Hanna was dressing like a bum, Lucas has become a total psycho, Ezra got a job and Jenna had a birthday party. And for once I had no beef with Aria. My problem was with this:

Photo: ABC Family

JENNA MARSHALL, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! What is the theme of this crazy “Suddenly I See” party anyway? Crazy hat ladies?! Continue reading

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Get The Look: Jane’s Panther Pendant

Last week’s episode of Jane By Design, “The Second Chance,” proved Jane needn’t rely on statement tutus to spice up her office ensembles. She can also use bold, unique accessories to add just the right amount of edge to an otherwise drab outfit.

Adding chic accessories is a simple solution that’s easy to copy! Particularly if it involves a funky little panther pendant hanging from your neck. I’m wild about Jane’s Givenchy “Charms” Panther Pendant Necklace ($98, Nordstrom). Sadly, it’s out of stock. But here are a few alternatives that won’t break your bank and will help you get the look! Continue reading

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Aria Montgomery Grows Up to Be Kate Quimby

After watching back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Jane By Design I took away three things: (1) In the ABC Family universe 20-something men love hooking up with teen girls, (2) I still don’t fully accept Terri Hatcher as Jane and Ben’s mom and (3) I think that Kate Quimby is adult Aria Montgomery in disguise. They’re fashion and hair twins separated by decades and one hour of television.

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Fashion Flashback…Beverly Hills, 90210

California cool has always been enviable. There’s no greater example than Beverly Hills, 90210, which was the premiere teen show for drama, style and cool in the 90s. Beverly Hills, 90210‘s wardrobe has a great mix of complete fashion disasters and totally chic staples. And lots of denim. With grunge and color blocking coming back into style, it seems like the best place for fashion inspiration –and judgment–may be the Peach Pit.

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip

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