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Teen Wolf Poll: You Decide Who Lives & Who Dies

It’s time for another Teen Wolf finale! And I have to say I’m very excited!

Photo: MTV Remote Control Blog

This season Teen Wolf has really found it’s groove. It’s dark, funny and mysterious. Not to mention that adding new creatures has made the mythology more fun as well as characters like Jackson more useful! Continue reading


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New Teen Wolf Season 2 Trailer

Yet another trailer was released this week and this one is for MTV’s drama Teen Wolf.

Photo: MTV

Let’s be real here, I’m super excited for Teen Wolf’s return. This show was dark and creepy and left us with a ton of cliff hangers. The trailer shows us nothing, but the voice overs are telling. Check it out:

Teen Wolf premieres June 3 after the MTV Movie Awards. Will you be watching?

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New Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Promo

If you’ve been dying for the return of Pretty Little Liars, I’ve got good news. ABC Family has released a promo for the show’s summer return slated for June 5. That means it’s time to bring your “A” game! Check it out below!

Side note: what are you guys thinking about Aria’s new shorter hair? Trying to look a little more mature for her older man?

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Bunheads Promo: Yay or Nay?

ABC Family has released a promo for its new show Bunheads. The series follows a Vegas showgirl who marries a man and moves to his sleepy town, only to start working with his mother at a dance studio. That makes sense, right? Hopefully it will not be like Showgirls meets Center Stage, which is the first place my head went.

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Make It or Break It Season 3 Promo

The Rock girls are back! Honestly, nothing makes me happier than the campiness of Make It or Break It. That’s why I’m so pumped up about this return.

As if the Olympics weren’t going to make this season crazy enough, there’s also a fierce new girl! New girls are always a great idea — new bitch, new drama — and I can tell by the way this girl struts across the mats, we won’t be let down.

However, what does, “I will leave smoke on the table,” mean? Smoke? Does she mean dust? Do gymnasts use tables? I thought they used bars and beams? Ah well, she says it like she means it so it must be something serious.

Will you be watching the premiere of Make It or Break It? Have you ever left smoke on the table?


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