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Teen Wolf Poll: You Decide Who Lives & Who Dies

It’s time for another Teen Wolf finale! And I have to say I’m very excited!

Photo: MTV Remote Control Blog

This season Teen Wolf has really found it’s groove. It’s dark, funny and mysterious. Not to mention that adding new creatures has made the mythology more fun as well as characters like Jackson more useful! Continue reading


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Poll: Allison or Alison?

This week Teen Wolf kicked off its second season and Pretty Little Liars started its third. Naturally, I set my DVR and tuned in for both. And it was totally worth it! As I watched both shows I started asking myself, “Self, who’s better? Allison or Alison?”

They both have great hair!

It’s a tough call. Continue reading

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Poll: Who Won’t Make The Olympic Team?

Make It or Break It’s season is well underway. Week after week we’ve seen the girls struggle to trust each other. With just six weeks left, I’m starting to wonder who will overcome the drama and make the Olympic team.

Not everyone can make the team. Photo: ABC Family

Of course I have favorites — who doesn’t — but who do you think will get the boot? Vote! Continue reading

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Poll: Should Gossip Girl Be Cancelled?

Once upon a time Gossip Girl was the hottest show on TV. But the times have changed. Now Gossip Girl shares the dishonor of being the least watched show on the CW with Nikita.

SERENA: Yeah, I'm voting that they cancel this shiz! I want to spend more time in Hollywood! PHOTO: Geek Sugar

GG nabbed a series low 0.6 adults 18-49 earlier this season. And it’s only nabbed 0.7 twice since then. The storylines are crappier than ever. Blair’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant. She loves Dan, she loves Chuck. Serena gets a job in PR. Serena gets a job in Hollywood. And Nate is…around.

Aren’t we all tired of this show? Don’t we wish it would just die already and retain some of its dignity? Or should we hope that it gets renewed (and those chances look slim) and become great once more? You decide! Continue reading

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Poll: Which Returning Show Are You Most Excited To See?

Bad news you guys: all teen TV shows are currently reruns! I know. It’s terrible. There won’t be any new episodes until January! JANUARY!

"OMFG! THEY'RE ALL RERUNS!" Photo: TV Recappers Anonymous

With that said, I’ve been making a mental note for which returning shows I’m most excited to see. Have you? Vote now!

"I can't wait for The Secret Circle to come back. That girl's life is almost as crazy as mine!" Photo: ABC Family

Personally I’m super hype about The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars. I may watch Switched at Birth for a good laugh. And right now I’m willing to try The Lying Game again. Why you ask?


Decision made.



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