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Teen Wolf Poll: You Decide Who Lives & Who Dies

It’s time for another Teen Wolf finale! And I have to say I’m very excited!

Photo: MTV Remote Control Blog

This season Teen Wolf has really found it’s groove. It’s dark, funny and mysterious. Not to mention that adding new creatures has made the mythology more fun as well as characters like Jackson more useful! Continue reading


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Poll Results: Allison or Alison?

The results are in and it looks like you guys think Pretty Little Liars‘ Alison DiLaurentis is better than¬†Teen Wolf’s Alison Argent!

Photo: Alloy Entertainment

So congratulations Alison! You may have been brutally murdered as a teenager after years of tormenting your friends and classmates, but you’re way more interesting than a girl who spends her time shooting arrows and weeping! Here are the results: Continue reading

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Poll: Allison or Alison?

This week Teen Wolf kicked off its second season and Pretty Little Liars started its third. Naturally, I set my DVR and tuned in for both. And it was totally worth it! As I watched both shows I started asking myself, “Self, who’s better? Allison or Alison?”

They both have great hair!

It’s a tough call. Continue reading

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New Teen Wolf Season 2 Trailer

Yet another trailer was released this week and this one is for MTV’s drama Teen Wolf.

Photo: MTV

Let’s be real here, I’m super excited for Teen Wolf’s return. This show was dark and creepy and left us with a ton of cliff hangers. The trailer shows us nothing, but the voice overs are telling. Check it out:

Teen Wolf premieres June 3 after the MTV Movie Awards. Will you be watching?

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Review: I Just Want My Pants Back

Usually quick over-the-top dialogue and sex crazed young New Yorkers aren’t enough to make me hate a show — I watched and sort of enjoyed all of the first season of How to Make It In America. But in the case of MTV’s new scripted sex comedy I Just Want My Pants Back, I was left thinking, “I just want that hour of my life back.”

Photo: MTV

You know a show is trying too hard to be edgy and overt when people are having sex in refrigerators, friends are comparing love bites in the corner bodega and thumbs are used in weird anal sex play. Continue reading

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