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Questions After the Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

I finally sat down and watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. And WOW. Can you say surprise?

A few months ago, ABC Family built up the “A” unveiling as the ultimate twist, but it was all kind of predictable — no new questions and confirmed answers. I thought the “BetrAyal” was much better! There were several twists that no one saw coming!

Photo: ABC Family

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And “A” Is…

If you missed Pretty Little Liar‘s “unmAsked” last night, you missed some of the best edge-of-your-seat, that-bitch-is-crazy, Aria-stop-with-the-weird-outfits, oh-no-not-another-dead-girl episode ever! Seriously.

Let's not even talk about how fugs some of these dresses were. Photo: Much Music.

I had many guesses as to who “A” might be. Jenna? Garrett? Melissa? Well, they finally told us and it’s… Continue reading

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PLL Suspects: Who Could Be “A”?

“A” has terrorized, stalked and blackmailed the Liars for quite some time. And in just a few short days we’ll finally know who this jerk really is.

If you had asked me three episodes ago if I knew who “A” was, I would have said “YES!” But now I’m not so sure. After Monday’s super creepy episode I’m more confused than ever. Everyone’s a suspect. Let’s take a look at the evidence, eh?

Is It Jenna?

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WTH Is She Wearing?!

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars had more plot developments than the entire series of Days of Our Lives. The parents are trying to find “A”. Maya is involved with the police. Mona is the latest “A” victim. Ezra and Aria are over. Melissa may have been in on Alison’s murder. And Garret is more of a creeper than ever. There was also this:

Photo: ABC Family

ARIA MONTGOMERY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! There are so many confusing aspects to this outfit that I have to break it down. Continue reading


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