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Fashion Flashback…Lizzie McGuire

If you were a tween in the early 2000s — and if you had cable TV — you probably spent a sizable amount of time watching The Disney Channel for shows like Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire.

Photo: JaggedLittleLife

The great thing about reviewing Lizzie McGuire isn’t just paying young Hilary Duff a visit. It’s paying tribute to a hazy and disastrous era of fashion we often try to forget: The Limited Too Era. So hold on to your cargo pants kiddo! We’re taking a trip down Lizzie McGuire lane and there’s enough feathers, sparkles, bedazzling and funky hats to turn you into a preteen! Continue reading



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Best Teen TV BFFs

I’ve been watching Jane By Design and the friendship that Billy and Jane share is so cute and all around awesome. They’re definitely one of my favorite BFF pairings on TV right now.


So naturally I started remembering all the best teen TV BFFs over the years. Here’s my list:

Kimmy Gibbler & D.J. Tanner

Photo: Flavorwire

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Make It or Break It Takes on Eating Disorders

The return of Make It or Break It exceeded expectations! Not only did we get some intense dance-offs and mean girl banter between The Rock girls and The Denver Elite, but we also saw Kaylie still denying that she has a problem.

Kaylie at the treatment facility for her eating disorder. Photo: The TV Chick

[Spoiler Alert] Not only did Kaylie fight treatment at every stage — refusing to partake in group therapy and admitting something’s wrong — but she also found a friend in her roommate at the treatment center: an anorexic teen model ready to fake recovery for the fourth time rather than getting better! Oh and she’s showing Kaylie how to do the same! Continue reading

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Old Teen Stars, New Teen Shows

Tonight was the premiere of ABC Family’s Beauty and the Briefcase. Aside from the lovely message of looking at what’s in front of you instead of imagining your dream guy, the shameless Cosmo plugs, countless¬†posters for ABC Family’s Make It or Break It or 10 Things I Hate About You, and Hilary Duff’s totally inappropriate office attire, the movie is the first film for the Duffster to receive any hype since the dreadful sister act, Material Girls.

For a while viewers were wondering what happened to that girl who played Lizzie McGuire.


But ever since a stint on Gossip Girl, Hilary Duff has been everywhere.

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