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Teen Wolf Poll: You Decide Who Lives & Who Dies

It’s time for another Teen Wolf finale! And I have to say I’m very excited!

Photo: MTV Remote Control Blog

This season Teen Wolf has really found it’s groove. It’s dark, funny and mysterious. Not to mention that adding new creatures has made the mythology more fun as well as characters like Jackson more useful! Continue reading


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Pretty Little Poll: Which Liar’s Life Has “A” Ruined The Most?

Last night’s finale of Pretty Little Liars was intense! “A” pushed the Liars to their limits by threatening murder, forcing Aria to confront and blackmail Jackie, making Spencer dump Toby, pushing Hanna to ruin her dad’s wedding and nearly killing Emily! Oh and then there was the whole Jenna and Garrett plotting and creepily talking about Alison’s murder, which leads me to believe they killed her. Plus “A” was called pretty eyes! WTF? WHO HAS PRETTY EYES?!

They've all had it bad, but who's had the worst? Photo: ABC Family

But now it’s time to ponder: Which Liar’s life sucks the most? Continue reading

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Teen Wolf Finale: Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Stays Human?

Last night’s Teen Wolf was insanely good! Between Allison’s badass huntress skills, Scott’s mom being so sweet, Stiles telling Lydia how he feels and the crazy cliffhanger… I was overwhelmed. I wanted to beg MTV to just give us the finale last night. Seriously, I was about to crawl in the woods a la Jackson and beg.

Allison is in a tight spot! But she looks fabulous! Photo: MTV Remote Control

That is after I finished applauding Allison and Lydia for super chic winter dance wear. Then I continued to gasp and beg.

Let’s check the exciting promo for next week’s finale: Continue reading


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What the Heck Is Serena Van Der Woodsen Wearing?!

Last week’s season finale of Gossip Girl was filled with more absurdity than…well…a normal episode of Gossip Girl.

While Blair was delusional and convincing herself Chuck was the one with lines like, “Being happy? That’s not important!” (Healthy life outlook!), Vanessa was totally dissed by Dan and stole his book. Also Georgina randomly showed up with terrible hair, Chuck and Blair had a weird slow-motion bar mitzvah scene, Motorola had some TINY product placement and Serena’s crazy cousin Charlie proved to be faking it. Plus Serena or Blair may be preggers — let’s hope not because they’d be the worst moms ever. Oh, there was also this:

A kimono and wedges? Really? Photo: The CW

SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a kimono top or kimono dress? Is it a top or a dress?! Top or dress?! Why do I have to ask! Continue reading

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