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Who’s BetrAying The Pretty Little Liars?

The summer finale for Pretty Little Liars is August 28! This time around, the finale will reveal a rat. That’s right, someone’s been two-timing the Liars since the “A” unveiling. And now we’ll find out who it is! With only 14 days left until the finale, ABC Family has put up a “Suspect Tracker” to help you decided who’s the “BetrAyer.”

Maybe Hanna’s found a clue? Photo: ABC Family

The crazy thing is the list includes all of the Liars: Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily! I seriously doubt any of them would willingly or knowingly betray another. Same goes for Toby and Caleb who also make the ABC Family list of suspects! They would never really betray their girls! Right?

With that said, it could really be anyone this time around, huh? I’ve whipped up a suspect list of my own: Continue reading



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The Boys of Pretty Little Liars

Just Jared just published some press photos for Season Three of Pretty Little Liars. And the best photo is this one featuring every creeper, boy toy and piece of man candy on Pretty Little Liars, with the exception of Holden (poor Holden!).

Photo: ABC Family via Just Jared

What’s the best part of this photo? Realizing just how many men these girls have in their lives? Cause they’re getting around! Is the best part the awkward way ABC Family just pushed them all together for this picture? Is the best part seeing creepy Garrett in the same photo as creepy Noel? Or seeing Wren lean on Toby? Is the best part how exact and different all of their wardrobes are (Just look at their varying footwear)? Or is the best part awkward Lucas?

My vote belongs to awkward Lucas. What is he wearing? What is he doing? Is he Ezra’s little brother? Why the barf green?

Things to ponder thanks to press photos.

Your thoughts?

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PLL Suspects: Who Could Be “A”?

“A” has terrorized, stalked and blackmailed the Liars for quite some time. And in just a few short days we’ll finally know who this jerk really is.

If you had asked me three episodes ago if I knew who “A” was, I would have said “YES!” But now I’m not so sure. After Monday’s super creepy episode I’m more confused than ever. Everyone’s a suspect. Let’s take a look at the evidence, eh?

Is It Jenna?

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The Ezria Problem: Why Are We Rooting for a Bad Relationship?

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars was filled with so many secrets that it came as a total surprise when Ezra decided to stand before Aria’s parents and confess that he was in love with their daughter. Their teenage daughter.

There's more than an after-school assignment being discussed here. PHOTO: Fanpop

Immediately, I was uncomfortable. Aria walked up to her 20-something beau and held his hand before launching into a speech about how this is “so real” and she’s still “wrapping [her] head around it.” Ezra explained that this happened long before she was “[his] student.” And Ezra and Aria are shocked and appalled when her parents become outraged and ask Ezra to leave their home.

They weren’t the only ones upset either.

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