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Questions After the Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

I finally sat down and watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. And WOW. Can you say surprise?

A few months ago, ABC Family built up the “A” unveiling as the ultimate twist, but it was all kind of predictable — no new questions and confirmed answers. I thought the “BetrAyal” was much better! There were several twists that no one saw coming!

Photo: ABC Family

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Who’s BetrAying The Pretty Little Liars?

The summer finale for Pretty Little Liars is August 28! This time around, the finale will reveal a rat. That’s right, someone’s been two-timing the Liars since the “A” unveiling. And now we’ll find out who it is! With only 14 days left until the finale, ABC Family has put up a “Suspect Tracker” to help you decided who’s the “BetrAyer.”

Maybe Hanna’s found a clue? Photo: ABC Family

The crazy thing is the list includes all of the Liars: Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily! I seriously doubt any of them would willingly or knowingly betray another. Same goes for Toby and Caleb who also make the ABC Family list of suspects! They would never really betray their girls! Right?

With that said, it could really be anyone this time around, huh? I’ve whipped up a suspect list of my own: Continue reading


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What to Take Away from The Lying Game Finale

Last night’s Lying Game finale was more intense than, well, anything that we’ve seen on The Lying Game ever before. I must admit, that normally I feel let down with this show (ex: when Sutton turned out to be totally alive, sigh). But the spring finale was everything I expected and then some. Here are some things I took away from it. [SPOILER ALERT]

Photo: ABC Family

 The Adults are More Dramatic Than an Episode of Dynasty. Continue reading

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MTV Orders More Teen Drama

With the successful finale of Teen Mom, the spinoff of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, the music channel has now ordered more, more, more.

16 and Pregnant is coming back to MTV.

Teen Mom ended its first season with 3.6 million viewers. It’s second season, eight episodes of teens trying to be parents, will begin this summer. 16 and Pregnant will be coming back with more new episodes on Feb. 16, which promise to stay true to the focus of educating viewers about the complications and difficulties in school, relationships, and health for pregnant teens, and hopefully preventing teen pregnancy.

But that doesn’t seem to be enough for MTV! Continue reading


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