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The Weekly Rewind

For The Weekly Rewind I compile the week’s most awesome and awful teen television news and moments that I deem worthy of a double take.

Awesome: Awkward. Is Back

Photo: MTV Remote Control

MTV’s summer hit Awkward. returned for its second season. And it did not disappoint. Jenna is still sharp and hilarious. Her parents still do awkward things like give her condoms for Christmas and suggest she manipulate boys. And [SPOILER ALERT]  Jenna slapped Lissa. It was awesome! Did I mention that she has two boys fighting over her this season? Power to awkward ladies everywhere!

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Aria Montgomery Grows Up to Be Kate Quimby

After watching back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Jane By Design I took away three things: (1) In the ABC Family universe 20-something men love hooking up with teen girls, (2) I still don’t fully accept Terri Hatcher as Jane and Ben’s mom and (3) I think that Kate Quimby is adult Aria Montgomery in disguise. They’re fashion and hair twins separated by decades and one hour of television.

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WTH Are They Wearing?!

This week’s Pretty Little Liars‘ premiere was more boring than a conversation with Mona in the mental hospital! Emily’s an alcoholic, Wren is everywhere, Lucas is a creeper, Toby doesn’t have a functioning shower and everyone cut their hair! Fun! There was also this:

HANNA MARIN, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Why do you look like the fashion daughter of Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz?! Continue reading

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WTH Is She Wearing?!

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars had more plot developments than the entire series of Days of Our Lives. The parents are trying to find “A”. Maya is involved with the police. Mona is the latest “A” victim. Ezra and Aria are over. Melissa may have been in on Alison’s murder. And Garret is more of a creeper than ever. There was also this:

Photo: ABC Family

ARIA MONTGOMERY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! There are so many confusing aspects to this outfit that I have to break it down. Continue reading


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Pretty Little Liars “Breaking the Code” Exclusive Clip

Want an early President’s Day present? How about a clip from Monday’s all new episode of Pretty Little Liars? In “Breaking the Code” we see that Aria’s parents are becoming very suspicious of her whereabouts and who the mysterious “A” is.

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t wait for Monday’s new episode!

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