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Poll Results: Allison or Alison?

The results are in and it looks like you guys think Pretty Little Liars‘ Alison DiLaurentis is better than¬†Teen Wolf’s Alison Argent!

Photo: Alloy Entertainment

So congratulations Alison! You may have been brutally murdered as a teenager after years of tormenting your friends and classmates, but you’re way more interesting than a girl who spends her time shooting arrows and weeping! Here are the results: Continue reading


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Poll: Allison or Alison?

This week Teen Wolf kicked off its second season and Pretty Little Liars started its third. Naturally, I set my DVR and tuned in for both. And it was totally worth it! As I watched both shows I started asking myself, “Self, who’s better? Allison or Alison?”

They both have great hair!

It’s a tough call. Continue reading

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PLL Suspects: Who Could Be “A”?

“A” has terrorized, stalked and blackmailed the Liars for quite some time. And in just a few short days we’ll finally know who this jerk really is.

If you had asked me three episodes ago if I knew who “A” was, I would have said “YES!” But now I’m not so sure. After Monday’s super creepy episode I’m more confused than ever. Everyone’s a suspect. Let’s take a look at the evidence, eh?

Is It Jenna?

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