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Questions After the Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

I finally sat down and watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. And WOW. Can you say surprise?

A few months ago, ABC Family built up the “A” unveiling as the ultimate twist, but it was all kind of predictable — no new questions and confirmed answers. I thought the “BetrAyal” was much better! There were several twists that no one saw coming!

Photo: ABC Family

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And “A” Is…

If you missed Pretty Little Liar‘s “unmAsked” last night, you missed some of the best edge-of-your-seat, that-bitch-is-crazy, Aria-stop-with-the-weird-outfits, oh-no-not-another-dead-girl episode ever! Seriously.

Let's not even talk about how fugs some of these dresses were. Photo: Much Music.

I had many guesses as to who “A” might be. Jenna? Garrett? Melissa? Well, they finally told us and it’s… Continue reading

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