Meet Ally

That's me! My friends put make-up on my face and made me prettiful!

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you. I was busy thinking deep thoughts about Nate Archibald’s password being “soccer” since the 5th grade and what that could mean about his life.

In case you’re wondering, it means he’s really cute, but has the intellectual depth of a 5th grader.

I’m an art lover, film lover, TV addict, stand-in for Lucille Ball at the chocolate conveyor belt, reformed mean girl and occasionally a writer. I’ve been told that Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell is my doppelganger. And sometimes I co-host a podcast about pop culture with my friend Joanna.

You should read my blog. I’m so funny on my blog. And witty too. Oh man, that blog is a roaring good time!

(By the by, I totally titled this page “Meet Ally” because it sounds like that American Girl book, “Meet Addie.” Yeah.)


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