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The Boys of Pretty Little Liars

Just Jared just published some press photos for Season Three of Pretty Little Liars. And the best photo is this one featuring every creeper, boy toy and piece of man candy on Pretty Little Liars, with the exception of Holden (poor Holden!).

Photo: ABC Family via Just Jared

What’s the best part of this photo? Realizing just how many men these girls have in their lives? Cause they’re getting around! Is the best part the awkward way ABC Family just pushed them all together for this picture? Is the best part seeing creepy Garrett in the same photo as creepy Noel? Or seeing Wren lean on Toby? Is the best part how exact and different all of their wardrobes are (Just look at their varying footwear)? Or is the best part awkward Lucas?

My vote belongs to awkward Lucas. What is he wearing? What is he doing? Is he Ezra’s little brother? Why the barf green?

Things to ponder thanks to press photos.

Your thoughts?


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5 Reasons To Watch The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex may have set a record as the lowest-rated in-season broadcast drama debut ever, but that doesn’t mean The CW’s new Canadian export is a bad show. In fact, it’s a wonderful guilty pleasure.

Photo: The CW

The drama focuses on a group of young performers struggling in Hollywood. And it’s a big hit in Canada; it’s even been renewed for a second season. The L.A. Complex may not be catching in the U.S., but here’s why you should watch it anyway. Continue reading

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The Best of Glee‘s Whitney Tribute

Last night Glee paid tribute to Whitney Houston. And overall it was pretty good. Not great, but good. The strength of this tribute episode was that Glee didn’t try to over do it, which must have been very difficult for them.

Photo: Zap2It

They properly paired voices with the songs and spread around solos. It was certainly one of their stronger tribute episodes, which surprised me. I expected a nightmare of an episode — poorly written and songs never fitting into the story — since the writers swung into full Whitney Tribute production right after her death. But alas, I was wrong. It was good even if it wasn’t necessary. Continue reading

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How Much “Sex” on The Secret Life?

The Hollywood Reporter decided to investigate how many times the word “sex” is used on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. And it’s hilarious!

Photo: ABC Family

Continue reading

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How Absurd Was Make It or Break It‘s Premiere?

Make It or Break It returned last night and it was wonderfully ridiculous!

"WOO! We're back!" Photo: ABC Family

But just how ridiculous? Well I’ll be the judge of that! Using a scale of BRONZE to GOLDGOLD being real as the tears on Teen Mom and BRONZE being as fake as the lion in Jumangi. Here we go! Continue reading

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