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Jane By Design Deserves a Second Chance

It took me weeks, but I finally sat down and watched the season finale of Jane By Design. Or maybe I should say series finale? Rather abruptly — after just one season — ABC Family decided to cancel the show, which only garnered a 0.4 rating for its finale [source].

“BILLY, WTF?!” Photo: The Uptown Lounge

While Jane By Design may not have been on par with the supernova ratings for Pretty Little Liars or Switched at Birth, it was a highly popular show with a fan base that’s now angry to boot. And rightfully so. Cancelling Jane By Design was premature and I want it back! Continue reading


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How Much “Sex” on The Secret Life?

The Hollywood Reporter decided to investigate how many times the word “sex” is used on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. And it’s hilarious!

Photo: ABC Family

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The Ezria Problem: Why Are We Rooting for a Bad Relationship?

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars was filled with so many secrets that it came as a total surprise when Ezra decided to stand before Aria’s parents and confess that he was in love with their daughter. Their teenage daughter.

There's more than an after-school assignment being discussed here. PHOTO: Fanpop

Immediately, I was uncomfortable. Aria walked up to her 20-something beau and held his hand before launching into a speech about how this is “so real” and she’s still “wrapping [her] head around it.” Ezra explained that this happened long before she was “[his] student.” And Ezra and Aria are shocked and appalled when her parents become outraged and ask Ezra to leave their home.

They weren’t the only ones upset either.

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Does Reality TV Make Mean Girls?

Reality TV is to blame for the Regina Georges of the world or at least that’s the takeaway from a new study by the Girl Scouts Research Institute surveying 1,144 girls aged 11 to 17.

Are reality TV shows making mean girls?

According to the survey, teen girls who watch shows like Jersey Shore, The Hills and The Real Housewives expect more drama, aggression and bullying in their lives.

“78% of regular viewers agreed that ‘gossiping is a normal part of a relationship between girls,’ compared with 54% of non-viewers. 68% agreed that ‘it’s in girls’ nature to be catty and competitive with one another,’ while only 50% of non-viewers thought so. And 63% of reality TV viewers said ‘it’s hard for me to trust other girls,’ compared with half of non-viewers.” [via]

If that’s not disturbing enough, apparently 8 out of 10 girls believe that shows like The Hills and Jersey Shore are “true to life.”


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Make It or Break It Takes on Eating Disorders

The return of Make It or Break It exceeded expectations! Not only did we get some intense dance-offs and mean girl banter between The Rock girls and The Denver Elite, but we also saw Kaylie still denying that she has a problem.

Kaylie at the treatment facility for her eating disorder. Photo: The TV Chick

[Spoiler Alert] Not only did Kaylie fight treatment at every stage — refusing to partake in group therapy and admitting something’s wrong — but she also found a friend in her roommate at the treatment center: an anorexic teen model ready to fake recovery for the fourth time rather than getting better! Oh and she’s showing Kaylie how to do the same! Continue reading

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