Questions After the Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

I finally sat down and watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. And WOW. Can you say surprise?

A few months ago, ABC Family built up the “A” unveiling as the ultimate twist, but it was all kind of predictable — no new questions and confirmed answers. I thought the “BetrAyal” was much better! There were several twists that no one saw coming!

Photo: ABC Family

For one, turns out Nate isn’t Nate at all. His name is Linden and he’s a knife-wielding psycho killer who used to text-stalk and real-life stalk Maya (and why Emily would agree to go with him to a lonely cabin without ever meeting any of his and Maya’s “family” is beyond me).

Two, Caleb’s got a gun. And it costs him dearly. While I’m sure Caleb will be fine (as he is now a series regular), it’s still scary to think he was shot!

Photo: ABC Family

And three, Toby is part of the “A” Team. He is the “BetrAyer!” I still find this so hard to believe! Maybe he’s just playing along to get information, but that seems highly unlikely. Mona was way too comfortable talking with him about their plans. And the nurses had said a young man in a hoodie had been visiting her! Looks like it may not have been Lucas!

So I have a few questions for you guys. I’ve been thinking about these myself and I’d just like to hear someone else’s opinion. Here they are:

Photo: ABC Family

– Is Paige innocent? Sure, she was kidnapped and Mona planted her phone. But does that mean I should trust her?

– How does Toby factor into the “A” Team? By my count, Garrett, Mona, Melissa and Toby are all in on it. How? Why? Is there anyone else?

Photo: ABC Family

– How has Toby been able to deflect suspicions so easily? I guess getting Spencer on your side is the ultimate sign of trust? And how long has he been a part of it? Only recently? Since the start?

– Are we supposed to believe Jenna and Noel are innocent? Still seem like creepers with lots to hide to me…

Photo: ABC Family

– And last, who do you think really killed Maya and Allison? Nate, er, Linden, never said he killed her. He said he loved her and she was taken from him. So who really did it?

Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!


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  1. Thanks, I have been searching for facts about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have located so far.

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