Fashion Flashback…Lizzie McGuire

If you were a tween in the early 2000s — and if you had cable TV — you probably spent a sizable amount of time watching The Disney Channel for shows like Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire.

Photo: JaggedLittleLife

The great thing about reviewing Lizzie McGuire isn’t just paying young Hilary Duff a visit. It’s paying tribute to a hazy and disastrous era of fashion we often try to forget: The Limited Too Era. So hold on to your cargo pants kiddo! We’re taking a trip down Lizzie McGuire lane and there’s enough feathers, sparkles, bedazzling and funky hats to turn you into a preteen!


What a mess. Miranda, Gordo and Lizzie were all fully invested in the “It Doesn’t Have to Match!” look. Not only could clothes mismatch in patterns, colors and fabrics, they could also be varying levels of hideous. Miranda is wearing drawstring cargo pants and a floral patterned top that I’m pretty sure matches the hideous tiles in my aunt’s old kitchen. Lizzie has some funky floral print pants and a bazillion friendship bracelets she most likely purchased at Claire’s. And Gordo? He’s layering his grandpa’s short-sleeved leisure shirt over a long-sleeved t-shirt– a trend that I hope will never return. Actually, please don’t let any of this return. Ever.


You probably thought the nightmare we over, but it’s not. Please take a second to spy Miranda’s shoes/socks situation. It’s horrendous! She’s wearing high-water pants, leopard print clogs and white Hanes socks. Question: Did we all wear things like this? Answer: Sadly, I think we did. At least those of us who were in love with Gordo, anyway. Ahem.

Here’s a slightly older Lizzie (still pre-movie). There was a time when embroidered, bedazzled and embellished bell-bottom jeans were cool. I had a pair that laced up the sides and another pair with flowers embroidered at the pockets. If I was still 12, I’m sure I’d be so jealous of Lizzie’s cool low-rise dark-wash jeans with rhinestones running down her thighs! Plus she has a lacey see-through top with ruffles. Talk about stylin’! Miranda has a bandana tied around her head, ponytails, hoop earrings, plaid pants and a shirt that reads “Fish and Chips” layered over a puke green shirt. Basically, she was the 2001 equivalent of Aria Montgomery.

Check out Miranda’s super weird top. Totally Aria Montgomery! Also please note that they are both talking on the phone and staring at each other. Are they talking to each other? They didn’t really have any other friends…


Lizzie is wearing some shiny blue plastic jacket monstrosity. Talk about the bomb! The only thing cooler to a preteen in 2001: Miranda’s pom pom hair ties. They say, “I like to have fun with accessories!” and add feminine edge to an otherwise androgynous outfit that Gordo could have worn. Except he never would. There’s no leisure shirt!


These are the popular girls in Lizzie McGuire’s world. Yes, the one on the right is Kat Graham a.k.a. Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries. (I’m suspecting she’s really a witch or something because girlfriend doesn’t seem to age. Am I right?) Today, popular girls wear slutty outfits with lots of cleavage. Not fugly colored sleeveless turtlenecks and matching headbands. Man, where do you even find sleeveless turtlenecks anymore? Loserville.

Lizzie and Miranda also had some crazy hair ya’ll. It may seem ridiculous to clip in skinny hot pink braids or wear glitter headbands with pom pom hair ties, but that was the coolest thing ever at the time. The more head gear you could pack on, the better! Purposefully placed tendrils hanging from your ponytail or bun were always a bonus! And if you could manage a glitter knit hoodie with matching pom poms too, you were a star!

There were also lots of braids, which I won’t judge too harshly because they’ve made a comeback, albeit less colorful. And while dip-dyeing may be all the rage now, back in Lizzie’s middle school days, Miranda would just clip in a few colorful hair pieces to add some flair! Once Lizzie also crimped her hair. I don’t ever remember that being cool, but she did it. *Immediately puts fingers in the shape of an “L” on her forehead*

Do you remember the time Lizzie was a bad girl? Well this is how she interpreted “bad.” Tie dyed shirt. Fake nose ring. And…WHAT THE HECK IS THAT HAIR?! That wasn’t even cool while this show was on the air!

Lizzie also loved some bandanas! I have to admit trying the bandana trend when I was in eighth grade too. At the time it seemed so cool and hip! Another accessory to add to my loud outfits! But looking back, specifically at that bedazzled mess, it was a terrible idea. WHY?!

Speaking of bedazzled items, that is a funky cool star on your tank top Lizzie! And I’m loving the choker and saloon girl curls accompanying it! Miranda must really love plaid because there’s no other excuse for that hat. Especially when wearing an orange shirt!

Lizzie’s brother Matt wore your typical cargo pants, sketchers and layered t-shirts on the regular. He also really liked his hair gel! But this photo caught my attention. If you’re looking for someone to blame for creating snuggies, I have your culprits right here!

While Lizzie’s father was your typical nerdy white dad (I mean, he was in Revenge of the Nerds), Lizzie’s mom was an enigma. Was she an artist at heart? She was kind of zany, yet controlling. And her weird style reflected that. Just look at that odd lavender jacket with little flowers and her messy hair, haphazardly clipped up. UGH! How can she give Lizzie any fashion advice while dressed like this? At least Lizzie was hip with her Limited Too top and Deliah’s crochet headband!

The truth is the best dressed person on the show was doodle Lizzie! She had a simple pink tank top and jeans. Yes, her flip-flops were orange platforms, but you can’t expect perfection in 2002!

What do you think about Lizzie McGuire’s fashion? Was it so baller or hella embarrassing?



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3 responses to “Fashion Flashback…Lizzie McGuire

  1. T.M.

    Limited Too signified a “disasterous era” of fashion?

    In comparison to what, today’s fashion trends? I think not.

    • Ally Hickson

      That’s totally your opinion. But teens and tweens today have such chicer options for school. They seem to have a lot more access to fashion and knowledge of style. To me, glitter and feathers was playing dress up. Now I feel like kids can choose to play dress up or really express themselves with fashion.

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