Who’s BetrAying The Pretty Little Liars?

The summer finale for Pretty Little Liars is August 28! This time around, the finale will reveal a rat. That’s right, someone’s been two-timing the Liars since the “A” unveiling. And now we’ll find out who it is! With only 14 days left until the finale, ABC Family has put up a “Suspect Tracker” to help you decided who’s the “BetrAyer.”

Maybe Hanna’s found a clue? Photo: ABC Family

The crazy thing is the list includes all of the Liars: Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily! I seriously doubt any of them would willingly or knowingly betray another. Same goes for Toby and Caleb who also make the ABC Family list of suspects! They would never really betray their girls! Right?

With that said, it could really be anyone this time around, huh? I’ve whipped up a suspect list of my own:


I’m very suspicious of Paige and always have been. First, I would never trust or fall in love with a girl who once tried to drown me in a pool. I mean, hello! Can you say psycho? Second, her character has become superfluous and unnecessary. What does Paige do, exactly? Other than pine over Emily (like a creeper)? Her character always disappears for long spells, only to return and pique our interest. Coincidence? I think not!


Photo: ABC Family

I’ve never warmed to Wren. He’s in his twenties, hooking up with teenagers! He always conveniently works somewhere that happens to be the epicenter of suspicion! And like Paige, he’s unnecessary. They keep him in the loop, but why?


Lucas has gone off the deep-end! Every week, his character becomes creepier and creepier! From hiding the drugs that spiked Emily’s drink to threatening Aria on a dark street corner, Lucas has become one of the weirdest creepers in Rosewood. And that’s saying something! Hanna seems to think Lucas can do no wrong, that he’s still a victim, but that’s so naive! Everyone is a suspect! Especially someone who was wearing a creepy baby-doll mask during the Halloween episode!


Ezra is also on ABC Family’s Suspect Tracker list! How interesting! Double-crossing lovers always make for great television plot twists! Let’s face it, we’ve learned a lot of things about Ezra Fitz this season. And while none of them may be terrible, it proves that he has many secrets. Who knows what else he’s hiding besides a sock drawer of cash?


PHOTO: You Know You Love Fashion

I’m sorry, but I’ve got to bring back Jason. I don’t think he would ever intentionally double cross the Liars, but he’s followed so many leads and made so many wrong turns in the quest to find his sister’s killer. It’s very easy to believe that Jason could put his trust in the wrong person. After all, he did give someone $5000 after telling Spencer he wouldn’t.


Melissa also makes it to ABC Family’s Suspect Tracker. And that doesn’t make sense to me! We all KNOW she’s crazy and evil. To be betrayed means you never saw it coming. And does anyone really trust Melissa? She’s clearly in that Noel, Jenna, Garrett group of well-known, bonafide creepers! We know she was the black swan. We know she’s working with the “A” Team. If she’s the betrAyer, it’s incredibly boring. The only good to come from it is she’ll finally be caught!

Who do you think is the BetrAyer? Have you checked out ABC Family’s Suspect Tracker? Tell me your suspect list in the comments!





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5 responses to “Who’s BetrAying The Pretty Little Liars?

  1. Janee

    I belive caleb is the Betrayer. *Hands Down* for so many reasons i cant EXPLAINE!!

  2. Abby

    I know everyone is gonna say I’m crazy, but I think it’s Alison! Multiple times the mom slipped something about being more than just Alison and Jason.. Maybe she had a twin that was killed? Maybe she did something embarrassing or is like “an evil twin” so they kept her a secret and now she’s dead. If they’re identical the DNA is the same and that’s why they thought it was Alison’s body.

    • Ally Hickson

      @Abby Um…have you read the books? Because [SPOILER ALERT] that’s very similar to what happens in the books. If you came up with that on your own, you’re a rockstar. And you should seriously consider writing some teen tv cause your plot twists rock!

  3. asha dalal

    i pick jason ok.

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