Teen Wolf Poll: You Decide Who Lives & Who Dies

It’s time for another Teen Wolf finale! And I have to say I’m very excited!

Photo: MTV Remote Control Blog

This season Teen Wolf has really found it’s groove. It’s dark, funny and mysterious. Not to mention that adding new creatures has made the mythology more fun as well as characters like Jackson more useful!

In tonight’s finale — just like last year’s — not everyone is going to make it. In the promos, it looks like Derek might be a goner. Then again, maybe his whole pack will die and he’ll live? Maybe they’ll kill off Jackson? Is Stiles untouchable? What about creepy principle grandpa? He’s got to be close to his death bed, right?

While you may have no say in what happens tonight, you can certainly decide their fates here! Even once this bad boy airs, you can decide what should have happened! You tell me who should live and who should go! VOTE:

Personally, I’d really like to see Allison and her creepy grandfather kick the bucket. Allison has gone completely off the deep end and it makes little to no sense! Sure, her mom died, but girl, get it together! And her grandfather is just the meanest, creepiest old guy alive! He stabs teenagers to test their werewolf capabilities and drowns people in lakes.

Vote and share your thoughts in the comments!

Teen Wolf’s season 2 finale airs Monday August 13 at 10p.m. on MTV.


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