The Weekly Rewind

For The Weekly Rewind I compile the week’s most awesome and awful teen television news and moments that I deem worthy of a double take.

Awesome: Jennifer Lopez is Making an ABC Family Show

I picked this photo because it looks like J.Lo is IN an ABC Family show! Photo: Discollective

Deadline reports that J.Lo is making a show for ABC Family. Yes, that’s already legit. What’s more legit? The show will be about a lesbian couple and their adopted children. One will be a teacher, one will be a police officer and they’re taking in a teenage girl in the opener! I’m sorry, but this sounds like the perfect mix of cheesy and adorable. I can’t wait to watch it! [Source]

Awful: Teen Vogue Tries to Talk About Dance Shows and Movies


Nowadays, Teen Vogue isn’t much for writing anymore. It’s a lot like Nylon: pretty girls in cool clothes and stories 300 words or shorter. But can you try being short and, perhaps, functional? Next time you make a “list” of your favorite dance shows and movies, actually make a list and tell me why you like them. I don’t want a dance-show trend story (old news) with plot details. As for movies, don’t make a literal list of movie titles with no information or related explanation. You know what, just stick to the pretty pictures. [article here]

Awesome: MTV Didn’t Break for July 4th

I love celebrating liberty as much as the next person, but I hate when all of my shows decide to take a mini vacation. Best news ever? While Pretty Little Liars, Bunheads and every other teen show took a week off, Teen Wolf and Awkward. were all new. And did I mention they were great too? Thanks for your dedication, MTV.

That’s it for this week’s Weekly Rewind. You’re all caught up on all things awesome and awful in teen television. Anything else you think was worth a double take? 


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