The Weekly Rewind

For The Weekly Rewind I compile the week’s most awesome and awful teen television news and moments that I deem worthy of a double take.

Awesome: Awkward. Is Back

Photo: MTV Remote Control

MTV’s summer hit Awkward. returned for its second season. And it did not disappoint. Jenna is still sharp and hilarious. Her parents still do awkward things like give her condoms for Christmas and suggest she manipulate boys. And [SPOILER ALERT]  Jenna slapped Lissa. It was awesome! Did I mention that she has two boys fighting over her this season? Power to awkward ladies everywhere!

Catch up on last season of Awkward. here.

Awful: Kelly Osbourne Stops by Jane By Design

Photo: ABC Family

It’s now expected that the who’s who of the fashion industry will make guest appearances on Jane By Design. But that doesn’t explain why Kelly Osbourne showed up. I don’t even know how she’s qualified for The Fashion Police, let alone to share the title of “fashion maven cameo” on a show that’s had the likes of Nanette Lepore, Teen Vogue‘s EIC Amy Astley , Betsey Johnson and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. Major fail.

Awesome: Chaz Bono to Play Himself on Degrassi


Degrassi continues to be one of the best teen shows ever by tapping transgender activist Chaz Bono to play himself in a fall episode. Chaz will be filming a scene or two with Degrassi character Adam. Chaz said this to People:

Adam’s storyline on Degrassi is important to me because it means more transgender representation in the pop culture,” Bono says, “and it also sends the message to trans teens that they are not alone in their struggles.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Can’t wait to see these episodes air in the fall! [Source:]

Awful:  Aria Makes a Dating Profile…for Her Mom

Dear kids of America, never try to find a man for your mom. Ever. Especially on MainLineMate. Especially with creepy bald guys. Especially with the username HOT MAMA. Also typing across your friend’s body in a weird come-from-behind hug is not normal. Normal people DON’T do this ABC Family. Then again, normal people also don’t pretend to be pregnant for months like Melissa. So I guess the town is full of freaks.

Awesome: Allison Paralyzes Erica

I’ve openly criticized Teen Wolf‘s Allison Argent many times, but this week she was a badass. While protecting her friend Lydia — who they wrongly accused of being the kanima —  from Derek’s pathetic wolf pack, Allison was attacked by Erica. You know Erica: former loser turned sex-kitten (sex-wolf?) obsessed with breaking up Scott and Allison. She’s groped Scott, told Allison she’s psychic and predicts Scott will leave her, etc.

Well Allison straight up shot a venomous arrow at Erica and paralyzed the skank. She also relished in the moment by telling her, “I thought you were psychic…bitch.” Allison you just went up a notch. You’re now at notch one.

That’s it for this week’s Weekly Rewind. You’re all caught up on all things awesome and awful in teen television. Anything else you think was worth a double take? 



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4 responses to “The Weekly Rewind

  1. watchitrae

    What character on Awkward. is named Molly? Do you mean Jake’s ex, Lissa? I’m confused…

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