Aria Montgomery Grows Up to Be Kate Quimby

After watching back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Jane By Design I took away three things: (1) In the ABC Family universe 20-something men love hooking up with teen girls, (2) I still don’t fully accept Terri Hatcher as Jane and Ben’s mom and (3) I think that Kate Quimby is adult Aria Montgomery in disguise. They’re fashion and hair twins separated by decades and one hour of television.

First of all, both of these ladies love some funky accessories. Seriously. In one episode, I saw Kate Quimby wearing multiple pairs of big, chunky, funky earrings and a huge turquoise ring. And for anyone who watches Pretty Little Liars, you know that Aria loves her crazy earrings, necklaces and rings.

Please also note the hair. They both have fantastic hair! Sure, Kate Quimby doesn’t have every strand perfectly in place, but she is the absentee mother of a 16 year-old and a 25 year-old. And she’s been busy travelling the world. Besides, remember Aria’s pink strands haphazardly thrown around her head? Proof she didn’t always have perfect hair while she was moving to Iceland or Finland or whatever.

They both have an affection for feminine tank tops! Sure Aria Montgomery is wearing it like a little teenage hipster, but when she grows up she’ll stop texting anonymous stalkers and take up cooking breakfast to make up for abandoning her children.

They also love some maroon and sweaters! I feel like all Aria wore in the first season was an endless array of maroon-colored print dresses. It would only make since that when she becomes adult Kate Quimby she would consider bringing back one of her favorite color choices. Is it a little frumpy? Yes. But it also looks like something Aria’s mother would have worn. Kate Quimby channeling Ms. Montgomery? Coincidence? I think not.

Please see these peasant dresses. Identical? IDENTICAL! Yes, Aria’s is a skirt with a brown belt and Kate’s is a dress with a brown belt, but the resemblance is uncanny.

These two share a bohemian, eclectic, world-traveller style that is unique and all their own. That could mean that the same person is dressing both of them or that Jane By Design is actually a show from the future and we’ll soon discover that Aria changed her name to Kate Quimby to escape “A” torture. And her inability to trust forced her to abandon her children and travel the world. Obviously.

Do you guys think Kate Quimby is Aria’s adult style twin? Could they be the same person in an alternate universe? Sound off!


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