Poll Results: Allison or Alison?

The results are in and it looks like you guys think Pretty Little Liars‘ Alison DiLaurentis is better than Teen Wolf’s Alison Argent!

Photo: Alloy Entertainment

So congratulations Alison! You may have been brutally murdered as a teenager after years of tormenting your friends and classmates, but you’re way more interesting than a girl who spends her time shooting arrows and weeping! Here are the results:

Who’s the Better Alison/Allison?

Answer Percent
PLL’s Alison: She was the coolest girl in school. Love her or hate her, she was the bee’s knees. And there wouldn’t be a show without Alison. She IS the story. 58%
Teen Wolf’s Allison: She can shoot arrows! She’s essential to the story because Scott loves her and her family is evil. Plus last time I checked, she was still alive and everyone liked her. 33%
Neither. I was hoping Lydia or Aria would be in this poll. 8%

Photo: ABC Family

Well that was certainly closer than I anticipated! 58% of voters think Alison is far more interesting, particularly since there’s a mystery surrounding her death and she carries the show.

Still, Allison Argent pulled in 33% of the votes, which goes to show she’s got some fans too. Good for her!

And some jerks voted that they would prefer an Aria vs. Lydia poll, which makes no sense. They have nothing in common! Unless I want to make a poll about who has the best hair on TV (which doesn’t sound like such a bad idea and will be a MAJOR competition).

Do you watch Teen Wolf or Pretty Little Liars? Do you think Alison DiLaurentis is better than Allison Argent? Sound off!



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