WTH Are They Wearing?!

This week’s Pretty Little Liars‘ premiere was more boring than a conversation with Mona in the mental hospital! Emily’s an alcoholic, Wren is everywhere, Lucas is a creeper, Toby doesn’t have a functioning shower and everyone cut their hair! Fun! There was also this:

HANNA MARIN, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Why do you look like the fashion daughter of Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz?! Let’s break it down. See, at first this outfit didn’t look that bad. It was a loud blazer and what appeared to be a black skirt or dress:

Not great, but not bad either, right? But then she turned around and told her mother she’s “not open for business.”

And we got this. It’s insane! Part 1984 Madonna, part Nicki Minaj in Nanette Lepore, this outfit must be Hanna’s attempt to be both sexy (lace) and ready for business (the blazer). Unfortunately it’s a miss! I’m just glad she was only trying the necklace on with this outfit. Because that gold and black belt and a rhinestone chain necklace is A LOT. Especially when you’re channeling “Like a Virgin” meets Fruit Stripe gum.

In other fashion disasters there was this:

ARIA MONTGOMERY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a prairie dress? In lime green? With jeggings underneath?

Photo: ABC Family

Why yes, yes it is! And you have a scarf, a blue belt and some electric blue purse! WTF were you thinking? It looks like you found a child’s reaping dress from District 12 and dyed it lime green. It looks like you missed the memo that it’s not 1995 so we DON’T WEAR PANTS WITH DRESSES ANYMORE. Just when Hanna was starting to shine in that cute fringe dress, you pull out this monstrosity.

It’s good to see that as long as there’s an episode of Pretty Little Liars, Aria will be there in something hilarious to ensure these posts continue.

Lastly, there was this:

Look! It’s the slutty farmers of Rosewood! This is just amusing to me! While enjoying the sun outside Hanna wore a bikini so she could tan:

This is normal sun-catching attire. Even if her swimsuit has boob tassels. But for some reason, Aria and Spencer are dressed like farmers in a romance novel.

I love it! It was the most unexpected thing in the episode as far as I’m concerned! (Was anyone really surprised that Alison’s body was missing?) I mean Aria has on a cute bra and overalls! They should do more costumes! It’s fun!

What did you guys think of last night’s looks? Chic or eek?


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