Poll: Allison or Alison?

This week Teen Wolf kicked off its second season and Pretty Little Liars started its third. Naturally, I set my DVR and tuned in for both. And it was totally worth it! As I watched both shows I started asking myself, “Self, who’s better? Allison or Alison?”

They both have great hair!

It’s a tough call.

Sure Teen Wolf‘s Allison is dating six-packed Scott. But he’s a werewolf. Not exactly a catch. And yeah, she’s an archer, but it’s 2012! Archers are a dime a dozen ya’ll!

She cries ALL THE TIME. Photo: MTV

Did I mention her dad is a nightmare (like every dad in Beacon Hills)? Her best friend wanders the town naked and her grandfather cuts people in half with a sword. This is only made worse by the fact that she is ALWAYS crying. But without Allison, we’d have no starcrossed lovers or insight into werewolf hunters.

Alison from Pretty Little Liars is no saint. She’s the ultimate manipulative mean girl. I’m pretty sure Regina George has been personally victimized by Alison DiLaurentis.

She’s the meanest. Photo: Pretty Little Liars wiki

She’s got tons of secrets and uses her charisma and dominating personality to overpower her friends who function more like her pawns. With that said, she was murdered, which is terrible. And there’s a crazy mystery revolving around her murder! She’s what keeps the girls together and what haunts them even after her death.

They both make great teen TV Ali’s, but which is the more interesting, more essential and all-around better character?

I’m leaving it up to you. As an Ally myself, this is a pretty tough decision for me.


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