CW Round-Up: The Secret Circle Cancelled, Gossip Girl Spared

Well, apparently only bad news was written in the stars for The Secret Circle. The CW cancelled the ailing show about a coven of teenage witches. In addition to The Secret Circle, The CW also cancelled Sarah Michelle Gellar’s thriller Ringer. I guess we’ll never know more about dark magic or evil twins. Sigh.

“See, that’s where they send us after we’ve been cancelled.” Photo:

But cheer up! The CW renewed Gossip Girl for a short 11-episode final season. They also renewed Hart of Dixie! And if anyone cares, Nikita will be coming back too.


So there you have it. No surprises here though it is a shame that we’ll be put through more Gossip Girl. It’s also a shame that The Secret Circle never gained back its viewers. Let’s always remember the good times! Like Cassie setting men on fire! And’s amazing recaps. And let’s never forget Ringer‘s high quality boat scene, which you can find below.

What do you think about the cancellations and renewals? Upset? Happy? Tell me in the comments!


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One response to “CW Round-Up: The Secret Circle Cancelled, Gossip Girl Spared

  1. It really sucks I was really getting into ringer it was getting better,more interesting it look like the twist was about to get revealed.
    And the Secret Circle was getting good too I have lots of friends were gonna really miss ringer and the Secret Circle it would be cool if they can bring back.

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