Make It Or Break It Has Been Cancelled

Bad news ya’ll. ABC Family has cancelled its gymnastics drama Make It or Break It. ABC Family will make the May 14 season finale the show’s series finale. The news was confirmed by the show’s executive producer Holly Sorensen who tweeted, “MIOBI nation. We all love you so much. And we are, very sadly, three weeks away from the series finale of #miobi.”

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

This is a real shame, but it makes sense. Many of the show’s main characters have left. And the series’ original premise was to follow these teen girls who hope to be Olympic gymnasts. With the 2012 Olympics months away, the girls are, well, making it or breaking it. Once they achieve their Olympic dreams, what else is there?

It’s been really great this season. I’m going to miss this show. As Emily would have shouted, “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!”

Make It or Break It’s series finale will air Monday May 14 at 9pm.

Are you sad to hear this will be the end for Make It or Break?



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12 responses to “Make It Or Break It Has Been Cancelled

  1. Cassendra

    this isnt going to be the end. we the fans wont let this happen. its a show following them to the olympics and they dont even show them go to it or how the do. how the boyfriends are or wether lauren will date the wrestling guy. we brought them back we will do it again. its stupid how abc dicided to only do 8 epsiodes when the other seasons had 22. and they dicided befor even seeing the viewing count. if you look its been going up and up and they just started showing in canada. there not even giving it a chance.

  2. Britni

    I agree I want them to do at least an hour follow up to just wrap everything up such as the boyfriend situations and how they did at the Olympics.

  3. Kirsten

    More MIOBI please!!! I’m completely bummed that they canceled the show.

  4. Vanda

    Hi all. Well, it’s really shame that the show got cancelled, I really liked it, but there was not much to show anymore I guess. So it kinda makes sense to end it up like this. From here show can take only one way – gold for USA team at Olympics, Payson – floor, Jordan – bars, Lauren – beam and Kaylie – vault / Payson and Rigo, Kayle and Austin, Lauren and Jake. And if they would continue with their stories after Olympics, it would be just completely different series. But even though there are only 48 episodes, I’m still glad there has been this series at all, I enjoyed watching it 🙂

  5. Susan

    Yes u we’re awesome

  6. Nnamdi Uhalla

    I sincerely beg ABC to air this olympics season. I am heart broken and i want to see this! Please.

  7. kati

    I am very sad to see that they cancelled this show. Please bring it back on fotr one more season, or at least do a whole new season with diffrent girls. I really enjoy gymnastics and i really loved this show

  8. I loved this show… They could have made it to the oplympics and then ended it.. Like really. The season finally just leaves you hanging wanting more!..:/ oh well I’m really Gunnar miss waiting for this to come on..:(

  9. Raj

    Somebody has to answer my question!!!
    Are they not going to show the Olympics match????
    Pls reply. Thank you in advance

    • Ally Hickson

      @Raj It doesn’t look like it will ever happen. ABC Family has made no plans to bring the show back or even make a small special. Sorry!

  10. This is bullshit. Why can’t you just move on the smaller girls? Like maybe Payson’s sister and her friends?

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