The Best of Glee‘s Whitney Tribute

Last night Glee paid tribute to Whitney Houston. And overall it was pretty good. Not great, but good. The strength of this tribute episode was that Glee didn’t try to over do it, which must have been very difficult for them.

Photo: Zap2It

They properly paired voices with the songs and spread around solos. It was certainly one of their stronger tribute episodes, which surprised me. I expected a nightmare of an episode — poorly written and songs never fitting into the story — since the writers swung into full Whitney Tribute production right after her death. But alas, I was wrong. It was good even if it wasn’t necessary.

Photo: Bilerico Project

Photo: Bileric Project

The first performance of “How Will I Know” was the strongest of the episode. Tasteful, beautifully arranged and just well done.

Sure, the locker shrine was a little over the top. But who cares? It was a shame that this was followed by “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Heather Morris is a phenomenal dancer and an adequate singer, but she doesn’t really have the vocal power or range to pull off even this light Whitney song. Not many do.

No doubt about it, my personal favorite was Quinn and Joe’s rendition of “Saving All My Love For You.”

Yes, I wanted Quinn killed off the show. Yes, I think it’s ridiculous that she constantly has to have a man to make her happy on this show. And sure, references to erections during physical therapy make me snort with laughter. But whatever. I’ll go with it. The harmony was great on this song and I love Rachel’s face when they sing “We’ll be making love the whole night through.” Priceless.

In other news, Rachel and Santana killed it with “I Get So Emotional.” They rocked it! I loved the dancing and even ignored the weird knee socks.

Photo: WetPaint

With that said, Darren Criss didn’t wow me with “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay.” I did think it was a hilarious moment to insert this forgotten gem. I did appreciate them recreating the video with weird “Rhythm Nation”-esque dancers and Darren looking like the angry host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. But the performance was just so-so. (Besides, I hate when Glee gets preachy. So a debate about what constitutes cheating was almost as painful as Joe and Sam debating what it means to be a Christian).

Photo: Fox

Likewise for Kurt’s “I Have Nothing.” I think it was spoiled for me because I watched The Voice the night before in which a much better sing (who was a born power-vocalist) blew this one out of the water. Hearing Kurt the following night was swell, but not mind-blowing. Great song choice though and I’m glad they paired it with Chris Colfer’s voice.

And the final song was good too. Fun! I love Mercedes and Artie together! Such a great vocal pairing! I just hate when all the Gleeks have to magically appear in the room together smiling and dancing.

The most important thing about the episode for me was the constant reminder that half of the show’s cast will be “graduating” after this season. I wonder if they keep telling us as preparation for the emotional episode to come or to get former Glee fans who want to see change (like me) invested in the show again. It’s like “Hey! In a few months we’ll be starting fresh! So stay tuned!”

Anyway, what did you guys think about Glee‘s Whitney Tribute? Did it make you want to dance with somebody? Or were you as sad as a resident at the Heartbreak Hotel?

P.S. You might also want to check out Glee’s MJ Tribute and why I wanted Quinn to be killed off the show.


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