How Much “Sex” on The Secret Life?

The Hollywood Reporter decided to investigate how many times the word “sex” is used on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. And it’s hilarious!

Photo: ABC Family

The truth is no one knows the answer. Not even the cast and crew who are featured in a fun video guessing their number. The Hollywood Reporter says:

Some groups have popped up on the web to keep track the sky-high number, but the official count remains a mystery. One group, which ceased counting during the 14th episode of season four, put the number at a whopping 1,603. In 2010, a video documenting the Feb. 12 episode titled “Be My, Be My Baby” showcased a jaw-dropping 70 references to sex in just 45 minutes of television. [LINK]

70 references in 45 minutes? I’m not even slightly surprised. At least the cast and crew seem to have a good sense of humor about it! You can see the cast try and guess their number on THR’s site. See the episode tally below:

Are you surprised by this? If you watch this show, I seriously doubt you would be.


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