Fashion Flashback…Beverly Hills, 90210

California cool has always been enviable. There’s no greater example than Beverly Hills, 90210, which was the premiere teen show for drama, style and cool in the 90s. Beverly Hills, 90210‘s wardrobe has a great mix of complete fashion disasters and totally chic staples. And lots of denim. With grunge and color blocking coming back into style, it seems like the best place for fashion inspiration –and judgment–may be the Peach Pit.

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip

David Silver and Dylan McKay are dating this photo with their terrible, kooky 90s prints. Also terrible are the mom jeans everyone’s wearing. But aside from those fashion travesties — and Ian’s hair — everything else is so on trend! Red boyfriend blazers, floral print dresses, denim jackets and nerd glasses are everywhere these days. Plus I love Donna’s shoes!

Photos: Fanpop

Donna’s outfit screams old school fitness vixen…and I love it. Midriff tops were all the rage in 90210‘s heyday. And they’re back again — just check Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal. Brenda and Kelly’s cute print dresses are always in style. And Andrea’s leotard look is also making a comeback — hello American Apparel! The bright blue tops on Dylan and David are totally acceptable too. And Steve’s preppy outfit is perfect for a yacht party! The problem? No one would wear David’s fugly graffiti print pants.

Photo: The Finer Dandy

Photo: Musette

The boys wear some pretty awful clothing. Just look at that weird backwards hat that’s half beret, half baseball cap. But there are pieces you could use today too. Plaid shirts, coloring blocking jackets and deep V-neck sweaters are chic by today’s standards. Just leave the rest of it — especially the sideburns and blonde afro — in 1992 where it belongs.


Oh Brenda, I’m loving that mean girl death stare. I’m also in love with that plaid suit. Cher Horowitz would be proud. Not so cute? Donna’s scrunchy. Never go out in public with a scrunchy.

Photo: The Frisky

Now this is an example of clothes that will never come back. At least I hope not. What is that weird flouncy white pirate top Brenda has on? Kelly, I never want to see an off-the-shoulder cardigan tucked into mom jeans again. And Donna, what a lovely hipster you make! Suspenders and a Blossom hat? Pass.

Photo: Fake the Moment

Well no one can say they were afraid of color, huh? These girls are all about bold and vibrant hues, which are back this spring. Brenda’s pretty white printed dress is very on-trend. So are her bright red pants! And her matchy-matchy striped orange top and orange shorts are adorable. Donna has a similar set in the top photo that’s equally cute!

Kelly is baring her midriff with a bright blue bra top and matching shorts that look like something Rihanna would wear. Donna’s grunge look is very chic (the vest makes it). And I love Andrea rocking a very 2012 trend: blouses buttoned all the way up! But let’s pretend Kelly’s biker shorts, tights and mismatching color outfit don’t exist; She looks like a walking fashion nightmare.


Leather jackets never got out of style. Leather jackets paired with mom jeans, cowboy boots and dark, matte lipstick just make you look like an extra from Selena.

Photo: The Frisky

Photo: L.A. TImes

See through lace tops? Ten years ago you would be judged for wearing this early 90s slutty staple. Today? It’s super cute! And very much a must-have for summer.

Photo: L.A. Times


You didn’t think I would end this post without the Brenda-Kelly-same-dress-at-prom-fiasco, did you? This was a time period for hideous party dresses. I cannot recall a beautiful party dress for prom or weddings from this decade. They were always ruined by large bows, weird sleeves, ugly bangs or crazy frills. See all of that here. Also see: terrible dark, matte lipstick and ill-fitting bodices and skirts. The only thing worst than wearing the same dress as someone else to prom? Wearing the same ugly dress! Ouch!

What do you think about Beverly Hills, 90210‘s fashion? Is it like to die for or just gag me with a spoon?


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  1. Angel

    I love Brenda, Kelly and of course Brenden he is so hot marry me pleaz

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