10 Things I Loved About One Tree Hill

In case you missed it, One Tree Hill had its series finale. After eight –yes EIGHT — seasons, the moody and often ridiculous drama went off the air.

That means that One Tree Hill has been on television since 2003. That means that when One Tree Hill premiered, it was on The WB, not The CW. That’s pretty impressive.

Only true fans remember this. Peyton was right all along ya'll! Even she left!

When One Tree Hill first began, I was instantly hooked. Though my interest waned in later years, I’ll always love this show. Let’s give it a proper farewell with some of my favorite things about the series.

The Opening

Before Dancing with the Stars and hit records, Gavin DeGraw’s claim to fame was being the guy singing the One Tree Hill theme song. That original introduction was amazing. Angsty stares, powerful vocals and montages that showcased Lucas Scott’s inner turmoil and mad basketball skills. Priceless.

The Chad Michael Murray (CMM) Saga

Lucas Scott’s baby face and abs of steel put actor Chad Michael Murry on the map. Suddenly he was everywhere as the dreamy teen stud to our favorite actresses. He was in a Cinderella Story (which we must mention because he helped create this terrible yet enduring franchise)! He was the stud in Freaky Friday!

He even let life imitate art by dating co-star Sophia Bush. Unfortunately, life really imitated art because he allegedly did her wrong (possibly with Paris Hilton when she was still famous too)! He became such a big deal that people questioned how long the show could keep him. Not long! CMM eventually left One Tree Hill, only to star in ABC Family movies like Christmas Cupid.

The Cheerleading

Haley showing off her "cheerleading" skills.

One Tree Hill was always reinventing itself. At one point, the cheerleaders became super relevant. Peyton and Brooke were already on the squad when Haley joined them, showing off the skills Bethany Joy Lenz picked up after starring in Bring It On Again. These Ravens were the precursor to the CW’s failed Hellcats.

Of the many hilarious cheerleading moments, the best was the weird, carefree dance Brooke started doing when the squad messed up during a competition.

Peyton vs. Brooke

One of the best reoccurring story lines was the constant passing around of Lucas Scott between friends. One minute he’s with Peyton. The next he’s hooking up with Brooke. He got the tortured artist and the popular mean girl! What a lucky fella! Though it doesn’t say much about the sensibilities of teen girls. Honestly, I haven’t seen a boy passed back and forth between friends this much since high school!

Random Guest Stars and Characters

Remember when Michelle Branch was on this show a lot? Or when Sheryl Crow stopped by? It was during the Haley-is-a-Musician phase. That’s when we met Tyler Hilton too (who also became a thing for a hot minute). There was also a random Nick Lachey story line (please enjoy this promo video). And Stephen from Laguna Beach had a stay on the show too.

Do you recognize that face?

Let’s not forget to mention that Bryan Greenberg (How to Make It in America) was a single dad with the hots for Peyton! My favorite piece of random? That Mouth was played by Lee Norris. You know, Minkus from Boy Meets World. Can you say amazing?

Nathan vs. Lucas

Rivalries always excite me. Basketball is one of my favorite sports. Put them together and as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got television gold. Nate was the cool kid and son of a local douche hero. Lucas was the new kid with talent and a secret…he’s Nate’s brother! Oh no! Naturally the battle for high school basketball superiority began. Scott vs. Scott. Blonde vs. Brunette. Moody vs. Popular. You get it.

Sixteen and Pregnant

She was Lucas’ best friend and a bookworm. He was Lucas’ enemy and a jock. Somehow they found love in a hopeless place (Sorry, I really wanted to make that Rihanna line work). How in love were they? They got married as teenagers! How in love were they? They had a baby as teenagers! How in love were they? They never left the show. That’s the truest love, ya’ll.

Deb: The Grand Cougar

Older women with younger men wasn’t always a thing. But just as The O.C. introduced its older lady and teen boy story, so did One Tree Hill. The difference? When Skills hooked up with Deb (Nathan’s mom) she wasn’t just a friend’s mother. She was also a grandmother. An alcoholic grandmother with problems. They later broke up because Skills wanted a family and Deb already had a brood of children and grandchildren. Still fun times though!

Dog Eats Heart

And my personal favorite moment from One Tree Hill comes from its insanity period. There were fires, secret paternity, affairs, sibling stabbings, teen moms, stalking, murders and even a wedding between Peyton and Lucas. But the best thing ever? When Dan Scott — resident douchebag extraordinaire — lost his heart…to a dog. While waiting for a transplant, a medical assistant trips over a dog’s leash and spills Dan’s much needed donor heart onto the floor.

Not that amazing yet? What about when the dog then EATS the heart! I love all the reaction shots! A dog literally had a heart in its mouth on this show. Absurd? Yes! Insane? Of course. A moment to be missed from One Tree Hill‘s wild writers? Always.

Will you miss One Tree Hill? What’s your favorite thing about the series? Sound off in the comments!


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