Ringer Is In Trouble, Ya’ll

It’s highly likely the CW’s show Ringer will be cancelled after this season. The drama starring Sarah Michelle Gellar only garnered 1.1 million viewers on Tuesday night, failing to gain the 18-49 year old demographic with only a 0.4 rating.

Photo: Entertainment Weekly

Ringer is one of four CW shows struggling right now. Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl and Nikita are also on the chopping block. However, it seems that the CW is willing to renew Gossip Girl — thanks to its flagship status — while Ringer seems likely to be cut.

This is terrible news for SMG fans. The CW was hoping the Buffy crowd would bring in big ratings, but they haven’t. Since One Tree Hill is gone and with many new shows in the works, the CW has room to drop the weaker links.

This moment never gets old. Photo: LA Times

I think this show has a great star and concept, but it hasn’t been put together well. Between the sketchy special effects, weird fake-death plots and hilarious titles like “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna” and “What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?” I just never caught onto this one.

What do you think, ho-bag? Are you hoping Ringer will be spared? Will you be watching Ringer to help boost its ratings? Do you think this show has been set up for certain doom since the get-go? Or are you more than happy to abandon ship a la Siobhan?

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