Glee Renewed For Season 4

Yesterday Glee was renewed for its fourth season. Jane Lynch quickly tagged the news to the end of a story on Ellen. If she had said it a bit faster, maybe no one would have noticed. Maybe she didn’t want to crush our hopes that this show would be put out of its misery.

Photo: NY Daily News

After the Glee cast appeared on  Inside The Actor’s Studio — a show I thought was reserved for great actors (how silly of me) — and a bout of Matthew Morrison “break dancing,” I’m just not sure how much more of this sad circus I can take.

Of course Glee was going to get renewed. It’s ratings aren’t bad. For some reason people keep watching it. Maybe it’s like a car wreak or something.

I don’t watch Glee anymore because life is too short. Do you still watch Glee? Or did you finally stop believing a while ago?


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