Get The Look: Jane By Design‘s Tutus

Jane Quimby loves her some tutus. Looks like you guys do too. I’ve had a few questions regarding Jane’s tulle looks so I’ve put together a quick “Get the Look” post.

"Girl, where can I get this?!" Photo: ABC Family

The above pink tulle dress is actually a custom-made gown. But if you’re looking for something similar, try Betsey Johnson.

I found this pink one on eBay ($279). But if you look for Betsey Johnson tulle skirts and dresses, you’ll find plenty of looks with lots of layers fit for a cupcake.

Speaking of cupcakes, Jane wore this flirty cupcake dress in an episode:

Photo: ABC Family

You can buy the exact same Pleasure Doing Business Petticoat dress for $109 right here! What luck! And if you’re looking for that cute red dress Jane wore in the clothing montage from episode one — you know, from inside Gray’s closet — you can buy that exact dress too. It’s Lanvin for H&M. You can find a few on eBay.

Now if you just want general tulle skirt and dress goodness, try these options:

Photo: ABC Family

Jane’s white tutu in Paris is lovely. Steal the look with this white lace skirt at H&M:

It’s only $29.95 and comes in a pink color as well! [LINK]

I also love that Jane doesn’t stick to just white and pink. She’s wore a lot of black, red and green tutus too. Check out this skirt from Saks:

I love it because it comes in gold or metallic silver! It’s $158. [LINK]

YesStyle has this great black tulle skirt. And it’s only $48! [LINK] They also have this great accordion pleated skirt:

It’s only $55 and comes in black, beige, mint, yellow and violet too! [LINK]

So there you have it! Tutus galore! Go forth and shop, my friends. Twirl in your tulle!

Do you love the style in Jane By Design? Are you in the market for tulle thanks to Miss Quimby? Share in the comments!


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