And “A” Is…

If you missed Pretty Little Liar‘s “unmAsked” last night, you missed some of the best edge-of-your-seat, that-bitch-is-crazy, Aria-stop-with-the-weird-outfits, oh-no-not-another-dead-girl episode ever! Seriously.

Let's not even talk about how fugs some of these dresses were. Photo: Much Music.

I had many guesses as to who “A” might be. Jenna? Garrett? Melissa? Well, they finally told us and it’s…


Photo: Much Music

That sketchy little skank! All this time she had me fooled. And the writers said it wouldn’t follow the books! Ha!

I suppose friends do hit friends with cars…if it will help them get revenge. What a weirdo. Truthfully, Mona’s been suspicious for some time. Especially when hovering around the Liars and gaining a sudden interest in their “A” findings.

Spencer and Mona find A's hideaway. Photo: Much Music

This places gives me the creeps. Too much free time, Mona! Photo: Much Music

One of the best Mona is “A” scenes last night was the moment when Spencer pieced it all together courtesy of a gum wrapper. Suddenly, Spencer realizes she’s stuck in A’s weird little stalker hideaway with “A” herself — tacky hoodie and all! The question is: Did Mona slip by mistake or on purpose?

That hoodie. Ew. Photo: Much Music

Interestingly enough was the way the other suspects played out. Jenna still seemed suspicious. And so did Melissa, who threatened the girls early on (and unnecessarily so if you aren’t “A” or an accessory to murder. Also are we supposed to believe Melissa is pregnant? It’s been forever!).

Loved the 'Psycho' send up. Photo: Much Music

Plus there were the odd thoughts Mona had at episode’s end, which was a send-up to Psycho. (They stuck with the Psycho theme throughout the show, which I appreciated. Shower scenes! Creepy Norman Bates inn keeper! Mona’s inner monologue while in holding!)

We know that Mona believes it’s not over. We know that there is an “A team” as she slipped to Spencer in the car. And we know that she’s following orders, just like the easily manipulated follower that she’s always been.

Mona's just taking orders from the "A Team". Creeper. Photo: Much Music

So who’s the “A Team”? Why was Spencer getting an offer to join them? Who killed Maya? How long has she been dead? Who was the black swan? Will Mona ever get out of jail? And most importantly, who decided on that tragic black hoodie and 1998 lipstick combo?!

It’s all very exciting! I love that the reveal didn’t mean the end of the mystery. There’s still plenty to keep me coming back. At the very least I have to return just for Aria’s outfits!

I can’t wait for Pretty Little Liars return for Season three in June!

What did you think of “unmAsked”? Did you know it was Mona all along? Who do you think is on the “A Team”? And who killed Maya?

Sound off in the comments!


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