PLL Suspects: Who Could Be “A”?

“A” has terrorized, stalked and blackmailed the Liars for quite some time. And in just a few short days we’ll finally know who this jerk really is.

If you had asked me three episodes ago if I knew who “A” was, I would have said “YES!” But now I’m not so sure. After Monday’s super creepy episode I’m more confused than ever. Everyone’s a suspect. Let’s take a look at the evidence, eh?

Is It Jenna?

When the show first started I never even considered Jenna a suspect. Sure she had motive, but she was blind and “A” couldn’t do all that dirty work without vision. But Jenna has proven to be quite the manipulative temptress, using Toby, Garrett and possibly even Noel to do her bidding. And now she has her vision back! That’s 20/20 trouble! She lied about not knowing what page 5 was, she let Garrett get arrested, she was in Alison’s room the night of the murder and she could have easily pretended to almost die in that fire after setting it herself.

Jenna is definitely one of the prime suspects. But if Jenna’s “A” then who’s her accomplice?

Is It Garrett?

As if dating a blind highschooler wasn’t creepy enough, Garrett tampers with evidence, steals autopsy reports, lurks outside of restaurants and homes in his fly car and he was in Alison’s room the night of the murder. Maybe he was trying to shut Ian up and killed him way back when? All I know is that Garrett is everywhere in Rosewood, just like “A”. I wouldn’t be surprised to find him in cahoots with Jenna or even Melissa.

Is It Melissa?

Long ago, Melissa was the Hastings’ perfect child. I never thought she was capable of more than just being a bitch. But maybe I was wrong. Melissa was also in Alison’s room the night of the murder. Melissa stalked Alison and sent her threatening text messages. Melissa’s parents even paid a detective $15,000 to find out if she was Alison’s killer. That’s pretty serious. Could she have left the hospital and made it to the bell tower to kill Ian? “A” did save Spencer and if any “A” suspect would have a motive to help Spencer, it would be Melissa. Plus, Melissa has been seen hanging around and lying for that loser Garrett. She saw Mona and Caleb before Hanna received a text too. But other than hating Alison, Melissa’s motives are unclear. Why would she torture her sister and her friends? (And a side note: She’s been pregnant for a suspiciously long time)

Is It Mona?

Mona has suddenly become the honorary 5th Liar. But is this all just a ploy? Her texts in this week’s episode seemed suspiciously harmless. She has an awful lot of questions about “A” too. Is she just scared and searching for answers or is she trying to cover her tracks? Mona seems to genuinely care for Hanna, which I think makes it difficult to hit her with a car. But no one said “A” was sane. Perhaps Mona is that good of an actress? Look how conniving she is all the time. And let’s not forget Mona has spare cell phones and happens to be a grade A texter.

Is It Wren?

Wren mysteriously pops up every once in a while. Like they want us to remember him, but not to focus on him. Why is he so obsessed with Spencer? He’s been around since the first episode and he happens to be in the right place at the right time. Was it a coincidence that he was Toby’s doctor? This is all a bit of a reach, especially since Wren lacks a true motive. But maybe there’s more to tell on Monday?

Is It Noel?

If Noel isn’t “A” why was he sneaking around with Jenna? Why was he checking the wall of confessions (where it read “I know who ‘A’ is”)? Why did he terrorize Aria on the roof? And why is he always trying to drop hints? Could it just be he’s still sore about Aria hooking with Ezra rather than him? Is he just a jerk like most teenage boys? Or is there more? Noel’s been in and out of the season, showing up just long enough to make us suspicious. But if he’s “A” what’s his motive? And does he seem smart enough to pull all this off?

Is It Lucas?

Remember Lucas? Used to follow Hanna around like a puppy dog? Right up until he scared the crap out of her during their late night canoe trip and she knocked him into the lake. In the end, it was a lame freak out for losing Caleb’s money in minor gambling. But was it more? Why was he in the attic of Spencer’s lake house? A place we know “A” has been. Why was he wearing that weird babydoll mask in the Halloween episode if he’s not “A”? Worst for Lucas, he’s got serious motive. The girls used to torture him back in middle school. Especially Alison. But he’s been noticeably absent for most of the season. Are they trying to distract us or is Lucas just harmless?

Is It Jason?

This used to seem like a real possibility, what with that collection of Aria close-ups. But Jason’s odd behavior could just be a symptom of being a secret love child and having been totally stoned when his little sister was murdered. The Liars seem to have given up on Jason being “A” and have even made him an ally. Is this wise? Is he just being a good brother or is he trying to throw them off his trail?

Is It Ezra?

I often come back to this one. I know it’s random. Ezra seems like such a nice guy — aside from being a pedophile — and he seems like the last person who’d have a motive. But we don’t know his story before he “randomly” met Aria in that bar. And “A” always seems to take it easy on Aria. She hasn’t been hit by a car or drugged or framed or had her boyfriend put in the hospital. Maybe “A” has a soft spot for the brunette because he’s her lover? Hey, it happened in Scream!

Is It Caleb?

Super unlikely, seeing as Caleb is the best boyfriend ever and very suspicious of Garrett, Jenna and Noel. Caleb seems ready to throw down with anyone trying to get his lady Hanna. But he is a tech wizard. He has many a cell phone, he was able to get the video from the night of the murder and he’s a little sketchy. Overall, it wouldn’t make sense. “A” seems to be genuinely threatened by him and he’s too cool for crap like this. If anything, Caleb wants to find “A” and beat them down.

Is It Maya?

Another random suspect. But it’s a little weird that Maya suddenly disappeared, isn’t it? She didn’t run away. She was picked up…by a guy in a car. Could it be Garrett? How do we even know if Maya went to boot camp? Emily called her and it was super sketchy. Plus she lived in Alison’s house! Still, what motive would Maya have? She seems like a pothead with an attitude problem.

Is It Hanna’s Mom?

I always like to throw this one out because she turned out to be the bad guy on Melrose Place. It would be quite the twist, huh? But seriously, she seems more concerned about “A” than the other parents. That doesn’t make sense. If she was “A” she’d be less shocked when seeing her handy work lying around.

Is It Paige?

“A” is a crazy person and one of the craziest people on this show is Paige. She jumps between emotions like a dog jumping through hoops. On minute she’s into Emily. The next she’s literally trying to drown her in a pool. Poisoning her can’t be that big of a jump. “A” definitely has a special place in their heart for terrorizing and singling out Emily. Paige’s mixed emotions towards her fit the bill. We have no idea what she was like when Alison was alive, but we have the impression that she wasn’t popular. Paige could have been written out of the show once her fling with Emily ended, but they didn’t write her out. Paige has made several random appearances this season. Are they trying to tell us something?

Is It Alison?

How hard can it be to fake a death in this town? On a scale of one to ten, I’m not convinced it’s more than a three. If you can tamper with evidence and barter with creepy doll store owners to terrify teens, why couldn’t you get away with faking your own death? Besides, she had an alter ego! Hello Vivienne! She’s been in the “dreams” of both Emily and Spencer. Both have said it’s felt really real. And if you’ve read the books [POSSIBLE SPOILER] we already know that Alison had an evil twin, which they hinted to during the Halloween episode. Could Alison be alive and working as “A”? Could it be her evil twin?

I don’t know who else it could be! I’m so confused. What about you guys? Are you sure you know who “A” is? Are you pumped for A Day? Tell me in the comments and on Twitter!



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4 responses to “PLL Suspects: Who Could Be “A”?

  1. Katie

    Come on it’s totally Jenna! She is just pretending to be blind and stabbing everyone in the back and being fake. Shes A. I know it

    • Emma

      That doesnt even make sense. Jenna was blind. IF she was A she had help. I think its her Garrett and Melissa. I think Ian was in on it too. Not sure why adults and a teen would want to bother with being such a stalker tho

  2. Nat

    I actually kinda thinks its paige. she’s so out of nowhere. lucas is another possibility. he just freaks me out.

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