{Sad News} Skins Has Been Cancelled

In case you’ve missed it, the UK series Skins has been cancelled. Channel 4 announced the news earlier this week.

Photo: Fanpop

Currently in its sixth season, the show’s ratings had decreased. Half of its season five audience was tuning into the show. Channel 4 plans to air the seventh season followed by three two-hour long specials to tie up loose ends and give fans some closure.

Photo: Fanpop

It’s not often that a teen television show gives as much respect, attention and depth to teens’ issues as you find on an adult show. Skins had no problem pushing boundaries and addressing real teen problems. The best part? It wasn’t always tied up neatly at the end with a special message from the actors because that’s not how real life works.

But Skins asked the questions. Skins delivered the dilemmas. And Skins built on its characters episode after episode with such care and close observation that we knew them. And that’s rare on teen shows.

I love this photo of Matty. Photo:Skins Wiki

Do we know how Hanna feels about Alison — her friend/tormentor– and her death? Do we know how Jane Quinby feels about her mother leaving? Do we know how Manny looks back on her pregnancy post-life at Degrassi high? No. Because we don’t really know them. We have only the bare bones of these characters. They aren’t fully developed. Not the way Effy or Sid or Tony or countless other Skins characters were.

And I’ll miss that. I’m going to miss seeing the kind of depth you get on an HBO or AMC series set to a teen audience. I’m going to miss this show.

If you need a Skins fix, check out my podcaster-in-crime Joanna’s blog for reviews and recaps.

Will you miss Skins? What will be its mark? Share in the comments.


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One response to “{Sad News} Skins Has Been Cancelled

  1. If I could marry this post, I would. Skins is probably my favorite television show. (Shocking, I know.) Its cancellation is such a bummer.

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