{Jane By Design} To Tutu or Not to Tutu Part Deux

The Jane By Design spring finale was about shocking confessions and love fests. [SPOILER ALERT] Billy confessed his love for Jane. Like we didn’t see that coming, right? Oh and Jeremy is in love with Jane too. Basically every man who knows her loves her. That lucky duck! Did I mention that Jeremy is the design spy? That India was fired? That Nick and Jane are donezo thanks to his Lulu liplock? I think that about covers it.

Technically not a tutu, but frilly and adorable like one nonetheless. PHOTO: ABC Family

More importantly, Jane has continued rocking some flirty frilly skirts all season. I once pointed out her penchant for tutus and posed the question: chic or eek? Since then, Jane has proven she doesn’t give a tulle what we think! Let’s look at her latest frill forays, yeah?


Now THAT’S a tutu! Personally, I would never think to wear forest green tulle with little silky details but Jane does. I think this works because of the fly bangle, which ties the look together and the leather jacket. The jacket keeps it edgy rather than too sweet. With all this said, she still kind of looks like she’s doing the ballerina-to-motorcycle scene fromCenter Stage.


Don’t think this cupcake dress counts? It does. Why? Check the hemline, baby. Personally, this look is just too busy for me. The skirt is enough for me. I don’t need the odd print in the middle or all of the necklaces.


Still, the tutu is too cute! It’s perfectly age appropriate, which just makes Jeremy even creepier for not realizing that she looks about 16 years old in a cupcake dress.


In “The Lookbook” it was Paris nights and New York mornings for our girl Jane. And she channeled her adorable inner-Parisian poodle too! Black, white and red screams effortless French chic. I love this tutu. The layers make it so interesting and really flatter her hips (and anyone’s hips for that matter). It looks beautiful with the sheer striped flouncy blouse. And snaps for wearing a bright colored accessory to make this outfit playful rather than severe! Ooh la la!


Not a tutu, but certainly cutesy and with an A-line cut. In “Teen Model” Jane was supposed to be the responsible one while babysitting a model who discovers her secret. So all of her outfits were a little more grown up than what she normally wears. It was quite a contrast to the model’s simple jeggings style. And though I can’t approve of the crazy palette, I still love the skirt. (And that necklace is to die for)


And lastly, the most important tutu of them all. No, not the “fussy” wedding dress that they opened with, though that was a HECK of a dress. It’s the beautifully elegant and understated dress that Jane designed. It’s SO FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, sign me up now. That bead work on the capped sleeves is amazing! And the ruched torso is so lovely. I don’t think Jane has ever looked more beautiful than when she wore that dress.

The thing about Jane’s crazy tutu festish is that she never strays into overly adorable territory. She always keeps her hair down (because a bun or ponytail would scream Black Swan). She tries to mix fabrics and colors (black and green, leather and tulle). And she rocks it with confidence, which is the real must-have when trying a daring look. Can’t wait to see what she does when the show returns!

Once again, Jane’s skirts have won me over. Breaking out the big skirts fo sho. What about you? Thinking it’s pretty chic or pretty eek? Sound off in the comments!



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2 responses to “{Jane By Design} To Tutu or Not to Tutu Part Deux

  1. hey there .. m looking for tutu skirt like jane.. searching for her skirt i reached to yr blog .. I am from scotland .. do u have nay idea where will i get skirt like her .. m obsess with her skirts 🙂

    • Ally Hickson

      Hello in Scotland! I’m obsessed with Jane’s skirts too. I’ll take a look over the weekend and put up a post Monday morning with different (affordable) look alikes. Stay tuned!

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