Quinn Fabray Might Be Dead…And That’s Good

Glee has been up to all kinds of crazy things. There was this attempt at recreating the Bridesmaids promo art for Rachel and Finn’s wedding:

Photo: Crushable

Oh silly marketing team! Heather Morris should never try and be Kristen Wiig ever again. Please note that Quinn Fabray is NOT in this photo. What was she doing instead of bridesmaiding (Yes I just made up that word)? She was doing this:

Texting while driving is ALWAYS a bad decision.

Yes, she was texting and driving. And getting into a car accident. And now she could be doing nothing because she might be dead.

But here’s the thing; I support this death.

Don’t get me wrong. Quinn was my favorite character on Glee. Dianna Agron is adorable. But Ryan Murphy and the writers have ruined her. Week after week her character bounces around plots, emotions and hair colors. It’s like Quinn is bipolar. Or mixing medications.

I hate how they put her through such hell. She never gets what she wants. She rarely has redeemable moments. She never gets a good solo. They’ve turned this insecure girl into a nightmare (Much like they have with Rachel Berry, whose death in a tragic twirling accident I very much support).

How did we ever get to this? PHOTO: Fox

So I’m hoping Quinn has died. Yes, it’s sad. Yes, she was just getting her life back on track — back on the Cheerios, acceptance to Yale, bridesmaid at Rachel’s wedding– but I think it would only be a matter of time before she switched into an uber bitch, tried to steal Finn back and told Yale to stuff it because she’d rather be a tattoo model. I mean, they’ve already put her in a tragic car accident just when everything seemed happy again.

The Quinn I used to love. PHOTO: TV Fanatic

So here’s how it will be. Quinn, I will always remember you as the Cheerio crying in a car after discovering that she’s pregnant. As the girl singing “Say a Little Prayer” with her frenemies. As the girl throwing flour at Puck. As the girl singing “Lucky” with Sam. As the the girl doing a song and dance routine while eight months pregnant. As the girl who made the Glist. As the girl slapping Rachel while desperately needing to be Prom Queen. As the girl who cheats on Finn and Sam. As the girl who smells bad and has a pink cowlick in her hair. As the girl trying to steal back Beth..

Ryan Murphy, have mercy. For the first time in years, please be kind to Quinn. Just let her go.



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4 responses to “Quinn Fabray Might Be Dead…And That’s Good

  1. I was going to write this post myself. So RIGHT ON. Ryan Murphy is absolutely cruel to his female stars, and none more than Dianna Agron.

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