What to Take Away from The Lying Game Finale

Last night’s Lying Game finale was more intense than, well, anything that we’ve seen on The Lying Game ever before. I must admit, that normally I feel let down with this show (ex: when Sutton turned out to be totally alive, sigh). But the spring finale was everything I expected and then some. Here are some things I took away from it. [SPOILER ALERT]

Photo: ABC Family

 The Adults are More Dramatic Than an Episode of Dynasty.

So often on teen shows, adults are background noise. They’re just around because adults exist. They play no role in the actual plot. So NOT the case on The Lying Game. And we’ve known this for some time. But last night they redefined the role of parent story lines on a teen show. Between the marriage, the murder, the plotting and the slip about Rebecca and Ted’s affair to Kristin, I found that there’s way more interesting drama and deceit happening with the grown-ups than with the kiddies. And with Kristin deciding to leave Ted and Alec’s arrest, we can expect more of the same with if the show returns.

Photo: ABC Family

The Best Drama Always Happens at Weddings

Whether it’s real life or TV life, wedding bells mean drama in spades. Not only was the marriage about plotting rather than love, but the rehearsal dinner led to revelations and divorce. And the actual ceremony was gate crashed by the cops who arrested Alec for Derek’s murder. Not to mention, Rebecca’s dress was terrible! She’s a hot older lady trapped in that fugs suit-dress thing! (And should she really be wearing white anyway?)

Photo: ABC Family

Ethan Really F-ed Things Up with Emma

Seriously. She broke up with him like three times during this episode. But what did he think would happen? He better keep an eye on Thayer. Homeboy is moving in on your former-lady.

Photo: Hollywood Life

Emma is Messed Up Right Now

I don’t blame her. Whenever things are going well for Emma, everything turns to crap. I mean look at her life: she’s a runaway foster child with a warrant for her arrest who has been betrayed again and again by her long lost conniving twin sister who has used her and ruined her relationship with the only boy she ever loved. And other than being hot, that boy doesn’t have much going for him. He fixes motorcycles. That’s about it. I always want Emma to be happy, but this episode made it pretty clear that she’s going to have to put up a good fight to be content.

Photo: ABC Family

Rebecca Is a Good Actress

I love how she “accidentally” spilled the beans to Kristin. Oops! So smooth. So evil. I also love how she’s weaseled her way back into this town and managed to fool most people. For a minute there, I actually thought Rebecca wasn’t all that bad too.

Photo: ABC Family

Just In Case You Weren’t Sure, It’s Been Confirmed: Sutton is a Conniving Bitch

I don’t think I’ve ever wished for a teen to be killed off a show. Until now. Sutton Mercer proves in the last minute of the finale that she’s even more wily and twisted than we anticipated. With a simple, “Hi Mom,” our guesses that Rebecca is the twins’ mom are proven correct. Furthermore, we find that Sutton knows this! And with Rebecca saying, “It’s all working perfectly Sutton,” we now know that being a bitch is a biological trait for this family.

They have planned everything that’s happened this season. Sutton has been lying ALL ALONG! THAT’S SO SCARY. And mean. The creepy eyebrow lift in the last seconds assures us that Sutton’s plans will be even more terrible when and ifThe Lying Game returns. Emma better bring her A game!

What did you think of The Lying Game finale? I’m still wrapping my head around all the crazy. Share your thoughts in the comments!


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