Poll Results: Should Klaus & Caroline Hook Up?

The results are in and it looks like you guys want Caroline and Klaus to hook up!

Photo: The CW

So Congratulations Klaroline! You may be enemies and sure, one of you is a terrible murderer with a penchant for sketching, but we want you to forget your differences and hook up already! Here are the results:

Should Caroline & Klaus Hook Up?

Answer Votes Percent
YES! There are some major sparks there! And I would love another twist on TVD! 37 93%
NO WAY! This relationship makes zero sense! Not even in the TVD universe! 3 8%
Maybe. I don’t have strong feelings about this. Whatever. 0 0%

Photo: TV Fanatic

No contest here! 93% of voters want this relationship to happen, no matter how dirty it may be. So I’m not alone! I saw sparks! Plus it would just serve to complicate things onThe Vampire Diaries, which is always fun!

Still, three people think this is bad idea. Truthfully, the relationship has come out of left field so I understand their relucatance.

And no one voted “whatever” which just proves how Vampire Diaries fans always feel strongly about the happenings on the show.

Hopefully when the show returns on March 15th they’ll be one step closer to making this love match happen! We were so close outside that bar! Damn Kol! You ruin everything! Now Klaus has burned his drawings! Boo!

Did you vote? Are you team Klaroline? Tell me in the comments!



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2 responses to “Poll Results: Should Klaus & Caroline Hook Up?

  1. Jayati

    Klaroline all the way! The reason Klaus is loved so dearly by me is because of Joseph Morgan!
    I would love to see more happening between Klaus and Caroline! 😀 ❤

  2. Darcy Frimpong

    omg klaroline is meant to be to hell with tyle r he is old news but klaus and caroline it is fresh meat bring it on haaa loved the ball when they danced and the way klaus rescued caroline from vampire alaric so romantic (in its own creepy vampire way) goooooo klaroline i luv u joseph morgan

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