Awkward Family Photos: Switched at Birth Edition

I never watch Switched at Birth. It’s not really my cup of tea. But I keep an eye on it with the use of friends who’ve been sucked into its heartfelt web of family drama.

This is the normal photo. PHOTO: ABC Family

I will not pretend to know everything that happened in the episode “Protect Me from What I Want” but I do know this: Emmett had an assignment to take a family portrait. And I’m so glad he did! Because these photos are such typical awkward family photos! And it’s hilarious! Let’s take a look:


This is something so lame that I feel like every father in America would suggest it. “Hey, let’s give a big thumbs up.” Perfect way of saying, “Hey, we’re so not cool.” And does anyone notice how Bay’s thumb is wonky. Is this her first time giving a thumbs up? Also, Daphne, stop trying so hard.


Now they’re waving. Waving is an awkward idea when there are more than two people in a photo because hands will end up covering faces.


Oh man, the obligatory sign language photo. Dad, stop it with the “secretly I’m rocking out” face.


This photo is sad. Because no kid wants to be pressed against their brother, sister or mother like that. And it just screams, “High School Musical!” Why don’t they jump in the air for the next photo?


You know what? Jazz hands work just fine too. You look like the multiracial Von Trapp family.

Do you love awkward family photos? Which of these awkward poses would you hate for your family to adopt? Tell me in the comments!


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