Meet Your New Carrie Bradshaw

The CW has found its Carrie Bradshaw for the new Josh Schwartz series The Carrie Diaries. It’s AnnaSophia Robb!

I like this photo bc she's already wearing a weird Carrie Bradshaw outfit. Photo: LastFm

Maybe you know her as Violet Beuregarde from the Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Or maybe you just remember her from that movie Soul Surfer.

Photo: Daily Makeover

Either way, if she can pull off blue jumpsuits and one-armed bikini wear, I’m sure she can manage Carrie’s whacked yet fashion-forward 1980s wardrobe.

Are you excited for The Carrie Diaires? I’m still not on board with this. What the heck is she going to be voice-overing in her heard? Thoughts about leg warmers and term papers? Sound off in the comments!


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