Poll: Should Caroline & Klaus Hook Up?

Well darlings, I’m all caught up on The Vampire Diaries and I can’t get the scene shared between Caroline and Klaus on her birthday out of my head. Or how beautiful that bracelet was! Is it just me or does this ridiculous match-up have so much potential?

Photo: Vampire Diaries Wiki

Yeah, he’s threatened and killed her friends and family. Sure, he ruined her relationship thanks to the sire with Tyler. Maybe he was the reason she almost died. But didn’t they look good together while dancing? Hell yes they did!

Photo: The CW

In a recent interview with TVLine, Candice Accola opened up about the possibility of a Klaus/Caroline relationship saying, “…Finally, Caroline is catching the eye of the guy, but he just so happens to be the evil, bad guy.” When asked about Caroline’s conflicted feelings for the evil Original, Accola says that Caroline knows he’s “an extreme, evil killer” but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn from him.

Does that mean she could also hook up with him?

Photo: TV Fanatic

I know it’s crazy and we don’t have tons to go on, but Caroline is so kind at heart, wouldn’t it be fun for her to hook up with the bad boy? At least for a few weeks? Vote now!

Am I the only one rooting for this relationship? Or are there any other Klausoliners out there? Sound off in the comments!



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2 responses to “Poll: Should Caroline & Klaus Hook Up?

  1. Really, I must protest the romanticizing of the evil killer monster.

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