WTH Is She Wearing?!

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars had more plot developments than the entire series of Days of Our Lives. The parents are trying to find “A”. Maya is involved with the police. Mona is the latest “A” victim. Ezra and Aria are over. Melissa may have been in on Alison’s murder. And Garret is more of a creeper than ever. There was also this:

Photo: ABC Family

ARIA MONTGOMERY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! There are so many confusing aspects to this outfit that I have to break it down.

First, what are those pants? Did you have a hard time deciding between your leopard leggings and black skinnies so you just ripped off a leg from each and stitched them together to make one epically awful pair of pants? It looks like one of your legs is infected with something. Seriously.

Second, those shoes are fugs. And they caused you to fall over and scrape your leg. Footwear fail.

Third, what is that sweater vest thingy? Just look at it:

So what is it? A sweater? A halter sweater? Sometimes it looked like a vest with a knitted belt. Where do you even find these ridiculously curious articles of clothing? Is it the same store that Kurt Hummel goes to? And why is it maroon? Was the leopard, black and army green too bland?

And fourth, the only thing that looked good was your nails:

Fun! Unfortunately, you were already wearing more patterns and prints than needed. So these nails just set you over the top of fug pattern mixing.

Nothing else was as offensive to my vision as Aria’s outfit. Though Mona did try to bring it by mixing some fugly patterns:

But the top, skirt and belt were such a flattering silhouette that I let it slide. Yes, it was ugly. But was it fugly? No.

What did you think of last night’s looks? Should Mona be fined for that fugly skirt? Should Aria stop sewing pairs of pants together? Super chic or super eek? Tell me in the comments!



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4 responses to “WTH Is She Wearing?!

  1. noreeen

    i kind of lol’d too looking at those hideous leggings! super chic or super eek..theres but a thin line between them!

  2. Alice La Boussière

    I personally like the mismatched leggings. I dress like this, even before the show came on. I embrace the edgy side of clothing. I like the way that Mona is dressed too. The patterns aren’t ugly or fugly. They are expressful. Everyone has their own stlye, I’m sure that you wear some things that people find ugly or hideous, but it’s just you expressing yourself. Maybe instead of writing negative things about their clothes in your blog, you should just stick to the positive. It would be better so you dont go offending people.

    • Ally Hickson

      This segment is supposed to make fun of the “high fashion” that the show and many viewers take so seriously (like E’s Fashion Police). But you’re totally right, fashion is about expressing yourself. Not everyone is going to agree with your choices or mine. And one blogger’s opinion shouldn’t offend you or make you change your style. Aria Montgomery would laugh if she read this and throw on some crazy half lace, half leather t-shirt. And I would still think it’s ugly. Sorry.

  3. Natalia

    I absolutely LOVE arias style … It’s not boring!!! And this pants are to die for !!! I need them !! Yes it’s weird but why be boring ?? I love the whole outfit!!

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