Vampire Diaries Entertainment Weekly Pics

Did someone ask for some sexy time? Entertainment Weekly‘s got you covered with their Vampire Diaries cover featuring threesomes, lingerie and nude thighs. Let’s take a look at this peep show, eh?

Photo: Hollywoodlife

I’m so glad that The Vampire Diaries is around to promote threesomes. Particularly with waring brothers. Waring vampire brothers. How does Elena manage them both? And how does she keep her silk sheets so clean? Just sayin…

Photo: Hollywoodlife

I guess this was them pre-threesome. How boring, right? I mean, where are the fangs? Where’s the sweat? Why is Damon wearing pants again?! And where the heck are they? In a barn? Perhaps the decrepit dead witch house? If so, where the F is Bonnie?

Photo: Hollywoodlife

This must be the foreplay that led them to the barn. Stefan is so gentle. His crotch only grazing Elena’s thigh. Meanwhile Damon is all up on her! And grabbing a boob! (Please note that Damon has always been my preferred brother)

Photo: Hollywoodlife

This cover is awkward. I feel like I just pushed a door open without knocking and this is what I found.

Photo: Hollywoodlife

And now they’re laughing at my prudishness! Also, I have never seen so much man thigh in a photoshoot!

Photo: Hollywoodlife

Why couldn’t I have walked in on this?! Sexy eyebrows! Kosher positioning. No bed. Perfect.

Photo: Hollywoodlife

Stefan is so into Elena that he doesn’t even realize we’re watching. But she does. And she’s LOVING it!

Photo: Hollywoodlife

Once again, Stefan is WAY more into this than Elena! I guess that red lingerie is just driving him crazy. Noted!

Photo: Hollywoodlife

She’s so strong! Who hasn’t thought about ripping his shirt off? Maybe not while he’s making that face. It’s a little strange. Strained even.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the shoot is how Elena’s face looks exactly the same in every photo. Can’t she show a little more emotion? She laughs once! Can’t she be a little more fun? A little more seductive? Maybe it’s just me.

What did you guys think about the Entertainment Weekly photos? Super hot or super yawn?



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