Jane By Design Window at Bloomingdale’s!

I love love LOVE Bloomingdale’s. Their 59th street flagship store has everything I could ever want. And now they’ve added another favorite of mine: Jane By Design.


ABC Family and Bloomingdale’s have partnered up this fashion week to make a Jane By Design themed window at the flagship store.

Now that is amazing! Those windows are HIGHLY COVETED space and always look phenomenal. And I have to admit, I’m loving the little Jane By Design display. What cute little sassy outfits they have! And I love the sketches! You can catch the window now through February 17th (and see more photos in this post).


And as if that isn’t legit enough, ABC Family has also said this in a press release:

“To continue with the fashion celebration like no other store in the world, Bloomingdale’s and the network will kick-off fashion week with a pop-up fashion exhibit inspired by the series on Wednesday, Feb. 8th, also at the 59th street flagship store. Jane By Design stars Andie MacDowell and Erica Dasher will be in attendance at the event.”

A pop-up exhibit? How do I get there? I want to wear fun little tulle skirts and military jackets like Jane. Will her fabulous shoe collection also be available? Cause I need some of those too!


I think this collaboration means major props and legitimacy for Jane By Design. It’s being recognized and applauded for its fashion efforts by freaking Bloomingdale’s! BLOOMINGDALE’S!


And when Bloomingdale’s is willing to give your show a window, you know you’ve made it to the big leagues! I mean, I never saw Gossip Girl with its own window, did you?

Well played, Jane By Design. A million fashion snaps are coming your way!


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