Glee’s MJ Tribute

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Glee did a Michael Jackson Tribute. After all, they’ve had a Madonna episode and a Britney Spears episode and a Lady Gaga episode too. The interesting thing is that with each new tribute, the musical performances remain entertaining, but they have very little to do with moving along plot.

PHOTO: Washington Post

And for this reason, I skipped watching the episode. Though I’m a MEGA MJ fan, I just couldn’t bare to see them further mangle their plot just so they can sing Michael songs. Performance-wise, the songs were good. Not great. It’s kind of hard to compete with Michael, who was a perfectionist with such an incredible range and energy.

With that said, I did really like “Smooth Criminal.” I think Santana looked super hot and she, Sebastian and the cellos were really great. I thought “Human Nature” was done very well, but the visual performance was pretty bland. And though “Scream” was fun to see — they copied the music video almost shot-for-shot — it wasn’t so great to listen to.

Lastly, I enjoyed Blaine’s “You Wanna Be Startin’ Something.” Mostly because Blaine is so energetic and fun. His voice was a good match for the song and his “Billy Jean” suit was beautiful.


Mike Chang’s “Thriller” outfit was almost amazing. But other than those few outfits — and Santana’s “Smooth Criminal” look — I thought the costumes were either disturbing or kind of boring.

But then again, I think Glee’s been incredibly boring for a while now.

What did you think? Was it mamase mamasa mamakusa-mazing? Or was a-he-he-heinous?




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2 responses to “Glee’s MJ Tribute

  1. Caroline

    I totes agree. My two faves were definitely Smooth Criminal and Human Nature, mostly because Mercedes and Santana take turns having the best voice on the show. And it IS hard to do MJ and get it right, the best you could hope for is good. As per usual, you nailed it in terms of critiquing. As for the plot, I doubt it’s ever going to move along, so for now, I’ll just watch for the music.

    • Ally Hickson

      You’re so right about Mercedes and Santana having the best voices on the show! I wish they would give them more to do rather than Rachel.

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