WTH Are They Wearing?! (Crazy Hats Edition)

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars was more intense than the glare Mr. Montgomery was giving Ezra from across the room at that Hollis faculty cocktail party. Maya was annoying, Hanna was “betrayed,” Kate was exposed and Aria thought sequins and leopard print were appropriate for an arcade date with her battered fake bf. The only thing worst? This:


SPENCER HASTINGS, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a patchwork hat? Did I miss the memo that said it was Soul Train day? Because that hat looks like an accessory for the 1970s show Soul Train! Look, I know Toby is gone boo, but a sad pimp hat from 1975 is NOT going to bring him back. If anything, he’ll start questioning why he dated someone who wears the same hats as his grandfather, who watches Murder She Wrote reruns.

Spencer’s style was clearly off kilter last night. She later wore an ugly sweater with one of Toby’s undershirts and a skirt. Can you say fugs? I think Aria can:


ARIA MONTGOMERY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a fascinator on your head?! A fascinator? Did you get a belated invite to the Royal Wedding? Are you meeting Kate Middleton for an ugly poncho shopping convention?

Oh, btw, is that a poncho/cape thingy? Well why does it have such a hideous crazy heart pattern? Is this a preview for Valentine’s Day? If so, I can already tell you to rethink that upcoming ensemble. Once again, the worst part of this offense is that I don’t know why Aria would wear a heart-patterned poncho! There’s no lace or spiders or leather!

What did you think of last night’s look? Super chic or super eek?


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