Poll Results: Should Gossip Girl Be Cancelled?

Last night may have been billed as Gossip Girl‘s epic 100th episode, but the votes are in and you want Gossip Girl to say “xoxo” for good.


Congratulations Gossip Girl! You may have had Blair run off with Dan Humphrey after marrying another man and led us to believe Georgina is Gossip Girl, but we want you to go away forever.  Here are the results.

Should Gossip Girl Be Cancelled?

Answer Percent
YES! It’s a shell of its former self. 46%
No way! I need my Chuck Bass! 36%
Oh, wow, Gossip Girl hasn’t been cancelled yet? 18%

46% of voters want Gossip Girl to leave because it’s a sad shelf of its former self. Of course Chair shippers– who are also protesting producers decision to have Blair totally diss Chuck — want the show to go on.

And there was a surprisingly large population of voters who thought Gossip Girl had already been cancelled. That’s pretty bad. And it just shows that no one really cares about this show anymore.

Though producers keep pushing for the final season to be next year, ratings may end the show sooner rather than later. Apparently, most people will be happy to see it go!

Did you watch the 100th episode? Do you think Gossip Girl should be cancelled? Sound off in the comments!


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One response to “Poll Results: Should Gossip Girl Be Cancelled?

  1. john

    lol how the hell is this show not cancelled yet?

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